[PREMIERE] Charmpit – Vacation

Charmpit are a self-described, “hot’n’fresh” pop-punk band, hailing from Southern California but now based out of South-East London. The trio formed in early 2016, playing their first gig at DIY Space for London’s First Timers Fest, an event created to address the lack of diversity in the DIY music community in London, support new faces and demystify making music. They may still be in the first year of their musical explorations, but they’ve already released one of the year’s finest EP’s, Snorkel, and today we’re delighted to share their debut video for the record’s stand out moment, Vacation.


Vacation is a delightfully lo-fi affair, the solid tick of drums underpinning a blur of thrashed guitar chords and pulsating bass. The star turn is the two-part vocal harmonies, Anne Marie and Rhianydd chiming in perfect Girlpool like unison. Charmpit speak regularly about the importance of female friendship, and Vacation is inspired by a trip to visit their friend Jayme in Budapest, “a lot of our inspo is best-femmes-forever friendship to the front, and Jay-bird’s fearless love is always inspirational.”

Discussing the accompanying video, Charmpit say, “we wanted a video to keep up with the hungry world but have limited skills, so we made one anyways, and we FFFFing love it!  Its flirty and honest, which is a perma-pillar of CHARMPIT vibes.  We hope you feel we are sincerely chirpsing you.” Quite right, now check out the video below and consider yourself chirpsed (warning video contains some “Tsar Nicholas’ butt” inspired nudity, not offensive or X-rated, but maybe not suitable for conservative workplaces)

Snorkel is out now, click HERE to get your copy. Charmpit play at London’s T.Chances on October 7th in aid of Anti-Austerity charities and  December 17th at the excellent looking Pearlfest at DIY Space for London which raises money for Abortion Support Network.

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