[PREMIERE] Giant Burger – Giant Burger Forever

They may have been leaving London for pastures Welsh, opening shops and putting on shows, but 2016 has still been a remarkably productive year for Odd Box Records. Indeed with albums from (deep breath) Nervous Twitch, Wolf Girl, T.O.Y.S, City Yelps and The Wolfhounds, it might just be their busiest year yet: not that they’re finished with 2016 yet!


This week will see the release of the latest Odd Box offering, Giant Burger Forever, the debut album from London quarter, Giant Burger. The band have spent four years on the DIY scene, with a series of self-released singles, EPs and tapes, but they’re finally making the leap into full-fledged twelve inches of fun territory – and (spoiler alert) it’s very good.

The band’s press release might be keen to cast them outsiders, “too odd to be indiepop, too pop to be noisepop” but listening to Giant Burger Forever, you wonder if that’s just an extension of a naturally self-deprecating streak. Across its nine track, twenty-four minute run-time this is an album with no flab or wasted ideas; packed full of brilliant, and surprisingly accessible hook-laden tunes. Recent single Tono Tono is an anguished yelp; all angular guitar riffing, steady drum clatter and an ear-piercing wail of electronic notes, it comes in at under two minutes, has only one repeated word and a brief drift around Google suggests is about a man with Expressive  Aphasia – classic pop song material we’re sure you’ll agree. Elsewhere In To The City has a touch of Witching Waves and is probably Giant Burger’s most accessible track to date, Sports Bottle is the kind of thrilling, aggressive and abrasive noise Snow White used to make, while the stunning closer, Masterpiece of Shit sounds like the middle ground of DRINKS, Sauna Youth and Gogol Bordello, and every bit as odd as that sounds.

With a name like Giant Burger you could be forgiven for expecting something playful and perhaps a bit flippant, contrarily Giant Burger Forever is a serious, angular and political record, from a band with plenty to say and plenty of skill at saying it in new and often brilliant ways – there’s plenty of life in noisy guitar-pop yet.

Ahead of its release this Friday, we’re delighted to exclusively premiere Giant Burger Forever in its entirety and you can check it out below.

Giant Burger Forever is out this Friday via Odd Box Records. Click HERE for all upcoming Giant Burger shows.

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