[PREMIERE] Yellow Creatures – Pressing Buttons

When a band cite influences that go from Solange to the 1960’s Musique Concrete of Delia Derbyshire, you kind of know they’re going to be interesting, and you pray they’re not going to be awful. Thankfully Newcastle’s Yellow Creatures, more than live up to their influences. Next week will see the release of their third EP, Spectrum, a record the band describe as, “a collage of found sounds and pop melodies, incorporating field recordings, electronic beats, swelling synths and polyrhythmic drums”. Today we’re sharing the second taste of Spectrum, in the shape of the video to the record’s closing track, Pressing Buttons.


Pressing Buttons starts off life as a dense cloud, of what the 1980’s thought the future would sound like; all eerie minimal percussion, pulsing synthesisers, and guitars that sound like industrial machines in action. It gently morphs and builds, before two and half minutes in, the sun suddenly rises; the beat pick up, the synths soar skyward and you’re transported from dystopia to a place of beautiful, organic wonder. Surely this is the feeling Winston Smith experienced in 1984, that moment when you suddenly see the trees and breathe in a lungful of fresh air and the freedom it has come to represent, that or at the very least the feeling of knocking off work early on a sunny day. This is the sort of electronic music that makes us feel alive, and a reminder that whatever instrument you choose, at the heart of music, will always be the flawed majesty of the human imagination.

Spectrum is out February 27th. Click HERE to pre-order your copy and for more information.

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