[PREMIERE] Echopark – Watching The Planets Colliding

Echopark may have been born in Lecce in the east of Italy, but it was in East-London, in a tiny rented room in Whitechapel to be precise, that his musical persona began to take shape. It was also there that Echopark recorded his well-received debut album Trees, which was released world-wide by Italian label, We Were Never Being Boring. Echopark is set to return next month with his sophomore album, Ties, and today we’re delighted to the share the second taste of that record, his new single, Watching The Planets Colliding.


Echopark’s sound is the sound of imperfection; it exists in a sonic world of crackly synths, tumbling percussion and uneasy break downs. There’s something delightfully raw about Echopark that is so rare to find in electronic led-music. Watching The Planets Colliding builds from a lightly distorted guitar line, before squelching processed-beats and scorching pulses of bright synths propel the whole track forward. It concludes with a pulsating outro, reminiscent of Mountain Range, as layer upon layer of jarring electronics swell around frantic drums, before the whole thing disappears into the ether. Discussing the inspiration behind the track, Echopark notes, “the song is an attempt to capture the powerlessness of humans and the dangerous consequences of solitude, in an invitation to hug each other in difficult times”. A more perfect soundtrack to watching the end of the world we couldn’t imagine, let’s hope we don’t get to test that theory too soon!

Ties is out March 10th via We Were Never Being Boring. Echopark plays at SXSW before UK dates in May, click HERE for more information.


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