[PREMIERE] Jessa Campbell – Is This Our Story

Back in 2015, Jessa Campbell released her debut album Persephone Dreams. The well received record gained plaudits for it’s blending of folk, pop and what she describes as, “harmonic & melodic lines influenced by Hildegard Von Bingen and the Cascadian Bioregion”. Since that release, Jessa has taken a break from her musical career to have her child, Cedar, and has recently returned to the studio to work on a new EP, Great Grey Owl, which will be out later this year. Bridging the gap between Persephone Dreams and Great Grey Owl, Jessa is sharing the video to Is This Our Story, which we’re premiering here today.

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 11.51.04 AM

Is This Our Story is lifted from Persephone Dreams, the track explores the transient nature of modern living, as Jessa explains, “we live in an incredible age where those privileged enough can pick up their lives and move across the country if they wanted! As a middle-class white woman, I recognized the tendency in my own life to quickly move on from situations, places or even people when things became difficult”. The track is accompanied by a video made by Jessa’s friend, Eli Bauer, an attempt to use dance to, “embody the juxtaposition of continuous movement in our lives and the pull of wanting to ground ourselves and root to place”. 

Is This Our Story is a track that mirrors its lyrical themes; the choppy John Grant like piano playing and orchestral string flourishes, accompanied by Jessa’s lithe, flamboyant vocal, reminiscent of Regina Spektor or Marissa Nadler. A welcome return from an ambitious and intriguing songwriter, Is This Our Story is the perfect bridge to take Jessa Campbell from one phase of her songwriting into the next, wherever it goes, that next step is going to be fascinating to follow.

Great Grey Owl will be out later this year. Click HERE for more information on Jessa Campbell.

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