Upcoming Shows

We put on monthly shows at The Victoria in Dalston with Scared To Dance, as well as the odd other show.

We’ve previously put on the likes of flirting, Th’Sheridans, Mikey Collins, Chorusgirl, Wolf Girl, Firestations, Jessica’s Brother, Nightflowers, Life Model, Deerful, Hadda Be, Two Tribes, Moderate Rebels, Yukka, Ski Saigon, CIEL, L I P S, Soot Sprite, Ghum, Nice Church, Mt. Doubt, Savage Mansion, Yumi & The Weather, Forced Fun, The Other Ones, Average Sex, Gold Baby, Sweet Baboo, Holy Now, Rebecka Reinhard, SUDS, Ed Dowie, bdrmm, Witching Waves, Common Or Garden, Adwaith, Melby, Panic Pocket, Marine, Lola Wild, Protection Spells, GN, Blackaby, Alex Chinatown Cat Apostrophe, Tugboat Captain, Sprinters, Rainbrother, nudista, Strawberry Generation, Red Red Eyes, Lyys, Peaness, Rosehip Teahouse, Secret Power, Songs For Walter, Jemma Freeman & The Cosmic Something, Schande, Fell, Jean K, Hanya, Clingfilm, Adults, Whitelands, Worst Place, The Leaf Library, Jeremy Tuplin, The Tubs, Winnaretta and Young Romance.

January 14th 2022
Scared To Dance + For The Rabbits Present
flirting. & SUEP

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