Get To Know – Sammi Lanzetta

We Say…

Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Sammi Lanzetta makes, in her own words, “feminist-fuelled indie” and “anxiety rock”. This recently culminated in the release of Sammi’s debut album, Ceiling.

Ceiling is an eclectic collection showcasing both Sammi’s direct lyricism and versatile musicality. Across the album Sammi dips her toe into ambitious baladeering with a nod to Tori Amos, driving indie-rock and riotous grunge-pop. Whether snarling her way through an ode to the Smashing Pumpkins, or letting her emotions run wild on the theatrical closing track, Who’s Laughing Now?, Sammi’s vocal is at the forefront throughout, and truly shines. Ceiling is a thrilling debut; bold, ambitious and wonderfully unique, it’s a triumph.

They Say…

Photo and Header Photo by Joey Wharton –

FTR: For those who don’t know who is Sammi Lanzetta?

Sammi Lanzetta: a 23 year old drama queen who likes to shout her feelings. I’m also a bartender.

FTR: What can you remember about your first show?

My first true show in front of an audience was probably my high school talent show. My family was crying in the audience in front of me, because I told them I was going to sing and they were sure I was going to embarrass myself. We were not a music family, and I’m fairly confident none of them can sing very well. They were touched that I was actually okay at it to say the least. I think I played a Devendra Banhart song.

FTR: Why do you make music? Why not another art form?

I’ve always kind of had the itch to do music…. I mean, who doesn’t love music? I create in other ways, but music has always just been my favorite way. It’s so suitable for my brain to express my emotions through noise for some reason. I feel like I have ideas for songs more than I have ideas for anything else.

FTR: What can people expect from the Sammi Lanzetta live show?

Hopefully some good dance moves. I’ll probably try telling a joke I’ve never told before. I might be wearing a cute jumpsuit.

FTR: What’s next for Sammi Lanzetta?

Your guess is as good as mine! I absolutely have goals that I am working toward, but I try not to map out what’s going to happen to me next too hard. I can find it’s frustrating to make a bunch of expectations for myself and what my music career is supposed to look like exactly, so I try to just stay active in touring and writing music. One thing I am definitely trying to make moves toward is a west coast tour in 2020!

They Listen To…

1. Leopard Print Taser – Close Enough

I got the opportunity to travel with LPT recently and this is definitely the song that got me the most hype throughout our tour together. The lyrics are so chaotic, honest and good and this whole song just puts you on edge with how frantic it all feels. I love music that has such an abrasive emotion like this. 

2. Pete Curry – 1998

This is my most sung-in-the-shower song of 2019. Pete Curry is one of the best things Richmond has to offer this world (other than Bagel the Beagle) and this whole album is killer. I can’t recommend this and FM Skyline (Pete’s most recent project) enough.

3. Leggy – Bruises

Leggy slays. This song makes me want to dance and also sing into my hairbrush. 

4. Viagra Boys – Shrimp Shack

I wholeheartedly start all of my mornings listening to the Viagra Boys. This track is a go to of mine. My favorite line of this song is when he says “we rolled in the dirt // we got dirty” (we as in the lead singer and your mom.)

5. Jessie Jones – Butterfly Knives

This has been in my bar friendly playlists for a little over a year now. I find this to be my sunny day “I don’t care about anything negative happening around me” anthem. It might be the way Jessie sings “give it away, it’ll come back when it’s ready” that makes me feel it ease. 

Ceiling Mirror is out now via 6131 Records. Click HERE for more information on Sammi Lanzetta.