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Email: fortherabbitsmusic{at}

We attempt to listen to everything we’re sent, but can’t always reply to everyone individually. We don’t discriminate by genre, but if you look around the site you’ll get a good idea of what we like.


And why For The Rabbits…well for that one it’s over to Miss Rose (probably not for the last time)

5 thoughts on “Contact/Information

  1. I lived in Rexburg, ID from 2000 – 2004.

    in about ’03 – ’04; towards the end of my Rexburg adventure we College Students were introduced the the Coolest Live Band ever; other than maybe Weezer or Ozma.

    That band was Frank Jordan and from what I recall their Album was called “Milk the Thrills”.

    I may be mistaken but I think they distributed an Album at their shows prior to “Milk the Thrills”.

    Over the years I lost my two Frank Jordan Albums. I’d do almost anything to get them back.

    Theron Price
    Camarillo, CA

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