So about that blog…

For years I’ve thought to myself you are some sort of magical musical guru and your tastes far exceed those of everyone around you and everyone anywhere for that matter…

Well very occasionally after one gin too many I at least think to myself, you’re quite knowledgable about music and could probably write a blog about it at the very least. So in 2013 when there’s pretty much a blog for every kind of music imaginable and the market is almost certainly saturated with middle aged men talking about middle aged music what better time to launch into my own blog…

What makes For The Rabbits different you cry? Well who knows, I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel (I like the wheel, I like blogs, I like music blogs) I guess I’m just here trying to put my twist on what’s out there and what I personally like listening to

And why For The Rabbits…well for that one it’s over to Miss Rose (probably not for the last time)

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