New to Me – New To You – Temples

So today is a truly momentous occasion at For The Rabbits as I launch not just one but two brand spanking new roughly weekly features into the world. 

I know what you’re thinking, “he’s crazy, it’ll never work, he simply can’t write 3 weekly features, he doesn’t have the concentration span” well I’ll show you, I’ll show you all!

After that oddly aggressive introduction, on with the first feature…


So what’s all this then? Well it’s basically a rip off of Uncut’s feature “We’re New Here” wherein they introduce the reader to a new artist. When Uncut do it it’s normally some hype band, for example last month featured Haim & Drenge. My interpretation is much more likely to involve someone who everyones already heard of months ago and i’m just a bit slow on the uptake, but enough self deprecation on with the feature!

Temples were formed by singer-guitarist James Bagshaw & bassist Thomas Warmsley and are now fleshed out to a 4-piece by Adam Smith (keyboards & guitar) and the too well named to be true dummer Sam Toms.

Psychedelia, that’s the buzz word of the minute isn’t it? Everything vaguely proggy is currently being thrown in to a psych-scene but more than most it seems apt for Temples. In terms of sound it’s like if The Music had listened to a lot less of the 90s baggy movement and a lot more Beatles records.

They’re from Kettering apparently, which I think almost by default makes them Kettering’s best band, i’m very prepared to be proven wrong though…

They only formed last year, starting off according to wikipedia as a bedroom project, but if you’re making this much racket in your bedroom you have very considerate neighbours. They’ve since been snapped up by Heavenly Records and released 3 singles to date.

If like most of the world you enjoyed the detour The Beatles made in India then they’re the band for you. Latest single Keep In The Dark is by the far the best thing they’ve done to date. It’s got big pop hooks, a cracking chorus, and the singers got a rather dreamy little number for a voice…Oh and Noel Gallagher and Johnny Marr like them…so they’re going to be huge in Manchester if you like that sort of thing?

Why not?
Well they’re a poor man’s Tame Impala basically and for all the highly competent 60s psych impersonations there’s a real lack of anything new here. Beyond the latest single there’s nothing worth your time yet.


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