New To Me – New To You – Georgia Ruth

Has anyone else found themselves almost overwhelmed by the amount of music going on lately? Just lots and lots of music! There’s brand new albums from Arcade Fire, Wave Pictures and Los Campesinos, not to mention the presence of Midlake that just seems to be lingering everywhere as they prepare to release “Antiphon” this coming Monday. The gig circuits also looking stunning, a very busy month or so coming up which kicked off with the excellently bizarre performance of Mark Kozelek at Union Chapel this weekend and runs through to Jimmy Eat World & Rival Schools which is going to be a lot of people my age reminiscing about the past no doubt! It’s a good time to be alive and hearing!

In all that new stuff from old names it’s been quite tricky to find time to hunt out something brand spanking new, but as ever there’s plenty out there. This weeks NTM:NTY comes from the rather odd source of an awards show, and no not the Mercury Prize!

Georgia Ruth as you could probably guess is a solo artist. Though there’s other musicians on her recordings and her latest album was produced by David Wrench who’s not only produced records by the likes of Race Horses & Alessi’s Ark but his wikipedia page claims his first group “Nid Madagascar” released the first “Welsh language acid house record” a strong claim to fame if ever i’ve heard one!

In the most basic terms Georgia is a harpist! While this might instantly make you get your Joanna Newsom comparisons at the ready Georgia’s sound is very different. An all together less eccentric affair the music is routed in classic British folk music and brings to mind the likes of Bert Jansch or for a more modern reference point Beth Orton’s latest effort “Sugaring Season”. On record Georgia’s harp playing is largely complimented by a fairly minimal backing of guitar and drums, with other instruments dipping in and out.

Georgia is from Aberystwyth in West Wales, and as she was brought up in a bilingual household she sings in both Welsh and English. Don’t worry though Anglophiles it’s not that daunting and the Welsh tracks are some of my favourites despite only being able to say Yes and Not Yes in Welsh! She’s now ended up living in Cardiff via Cambridge University and London

Georgia’s debut EP “Luna” came out in early 2012 on Gwymon Records and full length album “Week of Pines” followed in May this year on the same label. Her website has videos going back as far as 2009, in fact that track “Ocean” is a personal favourite!

Debut album “Week of Pines” has just won the Welsh Music Prize, beating the likes of Neon Neon & Sweet Baboo. Indeed “Week of Pines” is an excellent folk album. Her vocals are incredibly clean and precise and the production is exquisite perfectly complimenting her excellent harp work throughout. If you’ve. been wanting someone to recreate a classic 60s folk album Georgia Ruth is the girl for you

Why not?
It’s perhaps a little too safe for some taste and I for one would like to see her stretch herself a bit further from her folk routes. It’s a throughly competent record superbly delivered but there’s nothing hugely original to make it stand out from the crowd. If you like your music constantly pushing boundaries look elsewhere for now and hope someone this talented finds a sound entirely her own soon!

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