(Not) New To Me – New To You… Let’s Buy Happiness

Punctuation in a band name you say? Is there a worse idea in music?

There’s the odd band who’ve done quite well out  of it, would !!! be as famous without the great how do you say their name debate?  I still can’t bring myself to say CHK CHK CHK or Chick Chick Chick or whatever the heck it is?

Who started this crazy idea? Who wanted to make the music journalists life more difficult? Is it all Wham!’s fault? Is everything in the music industry Wham!’s fault? It wouldn’t surprise me, god they were awful!

Today’s blog band at least have the decency to use correct punctuation, it would probably be worse if they were called Lets Buy Happiness of course, but why make a name that makes life more difficult?

There’s so many examples of it being so much worse, “Panic! at The Disco” for starters is just wrong, “Does It Offend You, Yeah?” yes your music was bland enough but your name was truly truly woeful, and again Wham! just why? Why Wham! Why?

Even some great bands have been fairly painful to type “…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead” are brilliant but even they must get tired of writing their band name out, “Sun O)))” are an intriguing band but gosh that names a pain, and even the excellent “Godspeed You! Black Emperor” has me looking up the correct form every time!

So yes I can forgive Let’s Buy Happiness the apostrophe, but people of the world if you’re going to start a band, think about the poor blogger who has to type your band name out over and over again…


(Firstly a little side not, I’ve actually been listening to Let’s Buy Happiness for a while, but they’re still a new band in the not having an album yet sense of the words, and they’re not a band i’ve covered before so i’m letting myself off, please send all complaints to the usual address)

A 5-piece band consisting of Sarah Hall (vocals), James Hall (guitar/keys), Graeme Martin (guitars), Mark Brown (bass) and James King (drums)

They’re an alternative rock-band, with a fairly American sound. Female fronted, there’s a slight emo-tinge to some of the ideas on show, but perhaps you could look back a touch further, to the likes of Idlewild or even Smashing Pumpkin. Latest single “Run” hints at a slightly more poppy side that’s actually rather hip right now, hints of Warpaint or a less grumpy Daughter.

They’re from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Lots of good bands have come from Newcastle, and Sting does too!

They first appeared in 2009 with the 5-track No Hot Ashes EP. Four singles have followed, which isn’t very many in four years. That said there’s meant to be an album on the way, so let’s assume that’ll be out next year and based on the singles it could be very good indeed!

Loads to love here! From the excellent DIY ethic, to the utterly bewitching unique vocal and some very competent, varied and splendid music, they’re a rather excellent band. If you wanted Rilo Kiley with a bit more edge you’re in the right place. Early singles Six Wolves & Fast Fast were wonderful and with the likes of Works Better On Paper on Run further cementing the early promise the album should be an early highlight of 2014

Why not?
Maybe you hate music? Or emotions? I can’t think of much not to like about Let’s Buy Happiness, maybe if you’re on of those people who hates anything that’s not got jagged edges or think that the art of the pop song is dead you wont like them, but then you’re probably not reading the blog for you

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