New To Me – New To You – Alphabetical Order Orchestra

It’s finally time for the most cool, most hip, most important question we’ve ever asked! Record collections? How do you organise yours?

Ok, so in honour of putting things in Alphabetical Order, we’re going a bit Hi-Fidelity on you today! Let’s be honest, people are going to judge you for this, people who don’t have hundreds of records will probably think you’re weird for obsessively sorting your vinyl’s but if you’ve got hundreds, even thousands of the things, you’re not being picky, you’re just being sensible!

There’s a reason iTunes puts things in alphabetical order, it just makes life easier, but sometimes it’s got to be more than a simple alphabetical thing. There’s genre’s to consider, if you wake up one morning in need of a bit afro-funk, you don’t want to be wading through piles of 60’s folk and post-punk to assess your options! Then there’s the surname / first name conundrum! Bob Dylan is Dylan so that’s D, but Ryan Adams, he’s Ryan so that’s an R…you could get yourself in a world of trouble here if you’re not careful!

And what do you do when someone’s got tonnes of albums, sure putting your two John Grant albums in chronological order is perhaps a tad fussy, but if you’re obsessed with Neil Young or Bob Dylan you’re going to need a system people!

There you have it the classic GENRE – ARTIST – CHRONOLOGICAL system, but what about the others, there’s the infamous auto-biographical system, albums in order of the time you bought them; sure it’s the holy grail of musical ordering, but christ knows how you’re meant to remember the order you bought your albums in, or find anything ever… We’re sure there’s tonnes of other options, but for now we’re sticking with the classic, until we get bored and fancy a change, now someone pass us that pile of records, we’ve got some alphabetising to be getting on with!



Alphabetical Orchestra consist of Chris Deveney, Gary Deveney and Ryan King, who were all members of My Latest Novel, plus Tiziano Galli and Al Carlisle, who weren’t.

From the Ashes of My Latest Novel, emerge the Alphabetical Order Orchestra. My Latest Novel released two albums on Bella Union, and briefly looked like a good bet to make a real go of a successful career, however following mixed reviews for second album, Deaths & Entrances, nothing further came from that band. Laura McFarlane left, and Chris, Gary and Ryan decided to start all over again. Alphabetical Order Orchestra deal in the same heavily-accented, melodic spectrum as fellow Scots Broken Records; there’s also more than a hint of British Sea Power about their multi-vocaled and fascinating sound.

They’re from Glasgow, the musical capital of the world? Well that’s possibly debatable, but Glasgow must surely produce more great records per capita than anywhere outside of Brooklyn! I’ll throw you the names Mogwai, Belle & Sebastian and Bert Jansch for starters.

The band formed in March 2013, and self-released debut ep AOO1 last month, this be followed by a second EP, we’re guessing you can work out what that’s going to be called!

Literate, adventurous, and classically Indie. Not many people make them like that anymore, delightfully unaffected by trends and trying to be hip, the bands debut EP is a superbly bright start! The Corrections sounds like Canadian Indie-heroes Stars before they went all disco on us. The Architect is a jangling acoustic number, with a chorus Frightened Rabbit would be proud of and Supergods suggests they’ve been listening to St.Vincent and Bruce Springsteen in equal volumes.

Why Not?
As with their previous output they do seem to deal largely in the singular emotion that is grumpy. Indeed they sound a bit like a stereotypically grey Glaswegian sky. Not a band thing in our eyes, but like fellow Scots, The Twilight Sad & Mogwai, some people will find it all a bit long, miserable and dour..those people are missing out though, there’s real beauty in their particular shade of grey!

Alphabetical Order Orchestra’s debut EP is available now from the bands Bandcamp page

4 thoughts on “New To Me – New To You – Alphabetical Order Orchestra

  1. Thanks for the post on classification. In the past, I have used a matrix method based on genre type and age i.e. genre- soul/black, rock-pop/white, and jazz-orientation/blue. Then, I draw a timeline and place the artist/band on a box/shelf, moving from left to right, oldest to newest.

    Makes sense?

  2. It did help – I linked the band/sound to the colour coding and the rest was easy. Atlantic Records, Diana Ross to Ruben Hein on Black: Beatles, Bowie, Costello and XTC on White: Thelonious Monk, Steely Dan to Roos Jonker on Blue. If you see what I mean.

    Drop over to my Purple Songs blog and let’s keep in touch.

  3. Wow…a matrix method (with timeline!) puts my simple alphabetical by artist name (surname or band name) and chronological order by release date approach to shame. But I’m clearly attached to the approach given I start twitching at the risk of anyone messing it up…

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