New To Me – New To You – Burning Peacocks

Alma Jodorowsky is the latest in a long line of models who have branched out into the world of music…past efforts have produced, being kind, mixed results.

We’ll start with some success stories! The most famous cross-over probably comes with the Velvet Underground collaborating chanteuse (a word we believe we’re legally obliged to include), Nico. She’s now probably more famous for collaborating with Lou Reed and the boys than she is as a model, and on top of that she also had a crack at being a pop-star in her own right, with actually pretty good results!

Karen Elson made her name as a super-model around the turn of the century, but it was her foray into a White Stripes video that proved her musical break. She married Jack White, and then collaborated with him on her debut album The Ghost That Walks. An impressive collection of rootsy Americana and blues that suggested she’d come a long way from her upbringing in Oldham! The album even went top 30 in Greece, an achievement we’re sure she’s rightly proud of.

Carla Bruni may be most famous as the former French first-woman, but before that she was a model and she’s also dabbled in music as well, and her music has a certain Gallic charm. However if it’s models with a French-twang you’re after Serge Gainsbourg was notorious for recruiting beautiful women to appear on his records, entirely on the grounds of their singing voices of course!

Whilst we all enjoy a success story, there’s also a whole heap of disasters, and some are highly amusing! Check out the likes of Gisele ruining The Kinks classic All Day & All Of The Night, anything by Tyra Banks or Naomi Campbell or the not even good enough singing to get more than a cameo appearances of Kate Moss on Primal Scream track Some Velvet Morning or Agyness Dean on Five O’Clock Heroes track Who, nope we don’t remember Five O’Clock Heroes either!

So in conclusion perhaps unsurprisingly, being a model doesn’t make you a good musician, nor does it make you a band one. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it’s an amusingly awful train-wreck…what’s not to like?



Burning Peacocks are duo Alma Jodorowsky and David Baudart. You might recognise Alma as a model who’s fronted campaigns for the likes of Chanel & Lancome, or as an actress who’s roles include Beatrice in Blue Is The Warmest Colour. She’s also the grandaughter of avant-garde Chilean film director Alejandro Jodorowsky. David is a long-term studio technician, stepping out of the shadows with his own project.

Well their press release promises their ep will “take us to a dreamy and psychedelic pop universe somewhere between Beach House and Mazzy Star.” A description that certainly fits the lead single Games, but misses the unquestionable disco influence on Avril, and the hazy-psych meets The Beatles strains of The One. Alma’s vocal is of the husky, Nico, Hope Sandoval, Juanita Stein variety, and it’s unquestionably a lovely sound!

The duo are based in Paris, the French version rather than Texas. Paris was the scene of the Age Of Enlightenment, the spiritual home of Gypsy Jazz and is the current epicentre of electronic music, home to likes of Justice, Daft Punk & Phoenix.

Well according to the bands Facebook page, the band were “born” in 2013. Their self-titled debut EP is on the way on December 8th. Coming out on Night Beach Records in the UK and Choke Industries in their native France, with a full length album to follow.

Over the course of a four-track EP, they show a clutch of excellent ideas, and at least a couple of excellent songs! The lead single, Games, is superb, it’s entirely on trend with the current hazy-shoe gaze revival, or chill-wave as they were calling the same thing a couple of years ago. Closing track The One has a fantastic Indian-vibe courtesy of Sitar and Harmonium, which would be lovely enough before you add a stunning vocal take that recalls Howling Bells front-woman Juanita Stein or The Duke Spirit’s Leila Moss. The whole things very promising indeed!

Why Not?
As good as a disco song as Avril is, it’s still unfortunately a disco song! Catchy? Sure. Danceable? You betcha. But good? Not really. They’re currently in the studio so hopefully they’ll stomp out that worrying influence by the time a full length album comes along!

Burning Peacock’s self titled EP is out on Night Beach Records on December 8th.

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