[Premiere] Just Another Snake Cult – Crush In The Key Of J

Icelandic psychedelic-pop band Just Another Snake Cult have unveiled the visuals for their latest single Crush In The Key Of J. You can check it out exclusively through For The Rabbits using the link below.

Just Another Snake Cult is the work of Þórir Bogason, the Reykjavik based producer and multi-instrumentalist. Discussing the inspiration behind the track, Þórir says it’s about a situation, “where you meet somebody and feel an overwhelming cosmic attraction. We’d just met and were spending a lot of time together, and I wanted to take things to a romantic level, but the situation was really hard to read.” The song is unsurprisingly cathartic and a thrilling example of the band’s sound. Crush In The Key Of J is taken from their album The Dionysian Season which is available exclusively to subscribers on the bands Bandcamp page.

The video for the track was made by Emma Sanderson. Discussing the making of the video for the track Þórir says, “Emma came to Iceland to do an arts residency. She did this project where she made karaoke videos for a bunch of Icelandic bands and threw a karaoke night where we all sang each others songs.” Following the joys of that project they decided they would make a video together. The resultant visuals start off like a sepia-tinged Wes Anderson inspired affair with a gently nautical feel that gradually lurch towards a more psychedelic and distorted vision of reality, a perfect fit with the bands sound.

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