Indietracks Special – Six Bands You Shouldn’t Miss

So this weekend it’s the annual Indie-Pop spectacular that is Indietracks. We have been lucky enough to be invited back to provide an array of previews, reviews and general coverage of the event which is always one of the highlights of the summer.

We kick off our coverage with a list of some of the unmissable bands playing at this year’s event. We’ve attempted to walk the line of pointing out the bleeding obvious and making sure you don’t miss anyone great, so have ignored a few acts who are more obviously wonderful. Make no mistake the likes of The Wave Pictures, Colleen Green and the recently featured Mammoth Penguins and The Ethical Debating Society are high on our list, but we figured you’ll have worked that out for yourselves!

We’ve skipped the headliners as well because The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Go Team and Cinerama surely speak for themselves? Of course you really should do your own bloody research because there’s some great bands we’ve not been able to fit in, and almost certainly some we’ve never heard of – just consider this a welcome jumping off point for your swim in the beautiful musical sea that is Indietracks.

FEVER DREAM (Outdoor Stage – Friday – 19.00)


Fever Dream
might be the first band on at this year’s festival, but that won’t stop them being one of the acts that lives longest in the memory. The exceptionally well coiffured London-based three-piece released their debut album Moyamoya on Club AC30 earlier this year and it marked them out as one of the most thrilling bands of the recent shoegaze revival.

Built around hypnotic bass-lines, persistent rhythms, and reverb-drenched guitar lines, their dense, abrasive production is in contrast to their songwriting, which is deceptively hook-laden. We’d say make sure you get down early, but the sensible start time of five o’clock on the Friday night means you won’t need to, just make sure you don’t miss Fever Dream, they’ll be setting the standard for everyone else to follow.

CHORUSGIRL (Saturday – Indoor Stage – 13.00)


The self-styled jangle-n-roll band are the brain child of Silvi Wersing. Sick of spending her time as the bass player whilst other people set about achieving their dreams, Silvi embarked on a break for the front, an attempt to show that introverts and chorus girls could front bands as well as any posturing front-man.

Choursgirl only formed at the start of 2014, and whilst the material available is limited to just a handful of tracks; including an excellent 7″ single on Odd Box Records, thus far it all look highly promising. Combining surf-influenced bass lines, harmonies the equal of any of the great girl groups, and a penchant for jangling guitars, they’ve produced music that’s the gorgeous hybrid of Orange Juice and Blondie we never knew we were waiting for.

They’re first up on Saturday afternoon, so expect them to whisk away a few hangovers. They’re also promising special guests, though I think we’re safe to say unlike Glastonbury it won’t be The Libertines!

FEATURE (Indoor Stage – Saturday – 15.00)


London based trio, Feature spring from the same member swapping scene that’s produced acts such as Sauna Youth, Slowcoaches and Monotony and might just be the jewel in the crown. The DIY punk outfit’s sound is built around sludgy overdriven guitars, tight vocal harmonies and some fantastic drumming.

Whilst so far they’ve only shared an array of increasingly impressive EPs, culminating in last year’s Tourists EP split with Slow Coaches, a quick glance at their tour dates shows they’ve already set aside some time to record their debut album later this year. So expect to hear new material, mixed with some past hits, and if we’re lucky their superb cover version of Supergrass’ Caught By The Fuzz, which appears on the Culture of the Copy EP.

LOS BONSÁIS (Saturday – Outdoor Stage – 13.40)


The early bands on Saturday afternoon this year are causing ‘when exactly do I eat breakfast?’ headaches already. Don’t panic though, keep calm and remember it’s bands like Los Bonsais that make Indietracks so unique in the first place. You won’t see many Asturian two-pieces garage bands who sing in Spanish on the main stage at Reading or Leeds this year!

Signed to the legendary Elefant Records and fresh from the release of their album/mini-album Nordeste, expect to hear short, sharp slices of squalling revert heavy guitars, rapid fire drum beats topped off with one of the finest voices around, all adding up to the Spanish heirs to The Velvet Undergrounds throne. Get brushing up on those Spanish lessons and you can tell us what they’re singing about!

EUREKA CALIFORNIA (Saturday – Indoor Stage – 14.00)

eureka california

Whilst Indietracks does tend to celebrate the great and good of the British DIY scene, they’re always backed up by a fine array of talent from across the pond, and this year is no different. Colleen Green and The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart might be the bigger names, but it might be Eureka California that steal the show.

The two piece noise-rockers from Athens, Georgia are a thrilling blast of slacker rock. The same articulate and intelligent path that ran through bands like Pavement or Guided By Voices, but washed through with a sense of fun and a blast of attitude. Musically they’re equal parts Johnny Thunders and Hüsker Dü, with the dry wit of Jonathan Richman. Expect to hear tracks from their second album Crunch which came out on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records, the excellent This Ain’t No A-Side and I Bet You Like Julian Cope could have the makings of some of the festivals must see moments.

MARTHA (Sunday – Indoor Stage – 19.50)


Is there a band more suited to Indietracks than the Pity Me, Durham five-piece Martha? Their blend of punk, indie-pop and distinct we did it ourselves vibe is so perfectly in tune with the Indietracks ethos that you actually start to wonder if they were created by some Indie-Pop Svengali who’s going to take over the world with grin inducing tales of playground politics. Or is that just us?

ONSIND, the acousto-political side project of drummer Nathan and guitarist Daniel were one of our favourite discoveries of last year’s event, so we fully expect Martha to deliver a much needed shot of energy to carry everyone through to the festivals close on Sunday evening. And “it’s the bubble in my bloodstream” threatens to be this years, ‘will you please get out of my head now I’m trying to sleep’ earworm.

Tickets are still available for Indietracks – click HERE for details

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