Five Things We Liked This Week – 07/08/2015

5. Let’s Go Fly A Kite Base

A Kite Base is one of the main starting points of origami. It allows a firm base on which more creative folding can be carried out, freeing the artist to produce whatever their imagination can come up with. Kite Base is also the name of a new collaborative project between Savages’ Ayşe Hassan and fellow bassist Kendra Frost.

Currently, details of the project are pretty thin on the ground, with no album release confirmed, no live dates, and only a single track to listen to. That track, Dadum, is a dark brooding affair, all layered vocals, pulsing synths and grimy industrial guitars. There’s shades of TV On The Radio, The XX and 2:54, but most of all there’s an excellent track which bodes well for whatever the duo have got planned.

Kite Base are a band and that’s about all we know about them, keep an eye on for more details

4. Nothing More, Nothing Less, Grubs is The Best

Windwaker is the new track by self-proclaimed, “world-famous Bristol based Indie-Pop trio Grubs.” They later admit to not even really being from Bristol, the troublesome scamps. Windwaker is taken from their upcoming self-proclaimed, “ground-breaking” debut album It Must Be Grubs. It’s also really great, all steady rhythmic drums, chiming guitars and sing-along, two-voiced vocal harmonies.

Grubs are a supergroup of sorts, consisting of Owen from Joanna Gruesome and Caramel, Roxy from Two White Cranes, formerly of Trust Fund and one of the new singers in Joanna Gruesome, and Jake, who’s just Jake, but none the worse for that. It Must Be Grubs, which consists of eleven tracks in just eighteen minutes, will be released in the coming months as a joint release between independent labels, Tuff Enuff and Reeks Of Effort. The band have already declared it a smash hit, who are we to argue?

It Must Be Grubs is out via Tuff Enuff/Reeks Of Effort September 11th. Grubs currently have no tour dates announced.

3. Flesh Ahaaaah Saviours Of Music?

Flesh World is the new project from Scott More, of Limp Wrist and Jess Scott of Brilliant Colors. Conceived in “a microscopic lofted-bedroom” in San Francisco, the pair bonded over a shared love drag bars, underground punk shows and the works of Lou Reed, David Hockney and director Kenneth Anger.

Now expanded to a four piece with the addition of Diane Anastasio also of Brilliant Colors and Andrew Luttrell, Flesh World recently released their debut album, The Wild Animal In My Life, via Iron Lung Records. This week they not only announced a UK tour for September but shared the video for album track, Just To Tear Me Down. The track showcases the bands fraught, fuzzy, post-punk influenced guitar lines, tight aggressive drums and shining Siouxsie Sioux-like vocals. All of which they’ll be bringing to a venue near your shortly, hoorah!

The Wild Animals In My Life out now via Iron Lung Records. Flesh World tour the UK in September with dates across the country.

2. Wakefield? My Ass

We last encountered the collaboration between Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures on our 20th favourite album of 2014, Gin. The album was a triumph of excellent musicians and just the right level of silliness. This week it was confirmed the productive partnership would combine once more, as they announced their fourth album together, My Ass, was to be released via Fika Recordings in October.

They also shared a brand new track, Wakefield, featuring some delightful Dixie-land saxophone honking, trademark Wave Pictures bouncing guitar lines and Stanley singing some unsurprisingly odd lyrics about how, “our love like a shield against all evil and Wakefield on our side.” Whether the might of the West-Yorkshire City would really take to Stanley, well we’re not quite so sure, but maybe My Ass will convert people across the land to the joy of this special collaboration.

My Ass is out via Fika Recordings on October 2nd. Stanley Brinks And The Wave Pictures play The Lexington on October 7th.

1. Elvis Has Left The Moon

El Vy is the plural of Elvis, pronounced to rhyme with Hell Pie. It’s also the rather odd moniker for a new collaboration between The National‘s Matt Berninger and Menomena’s Brent Knopf. This week they released tour dates, confirmed an album release for later this year and shared their first single, pretty good going we’d say.

This weirdly completely a list of five things we like that just happen to all be collaborations/side-projects, it honestly wasn’t deliberate. El Vy might just be the most exciting of the lot though, largely for the fact that anything with Matt’s dulcet-tones on it is music to our ears. The first offering, snappily entitled Return to the Moon (Political Song for Didi Bloome to Sing, With Crescendo), jumps out instantly as being considerably more funky than Matt’s day job, with shades of Phoenix or a mellower Foals. Indeed it could be the record he’d have made if he’d been enjoying all those parties he sang about on Boxer rather than being racked with guilt and social anxiety.

The album, Return To The Moon, is set for release later this year and discussing it Matt noted it, “is more autobiographical than anything else I’ve written, but the details aren’t true,” which is enticingly cryptic and for now we’ll just have to wait and see.

Return To The Moon is out via 4AD on October 30th. El Vy tour Europe in December including dates in Manchester and London.

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