[Premiere] The Gildings – My Sweetheart Honeysuckle

North-West England based The Gildings have today shared their latest single, My Sweetheart Honeysuckle, and were kind enough to premiere it here, at For The Rabbits.

The Gildings is the pseudonym for the work of Edmund Cottam. My Sweetheart Honeysuckle is the latest track to be lifted from the upcoming album, The Twisted Vine, which should be with us in the near future.

The album was written in Anglesey, whilst Edmund was convalescing with a thyroid condition known as Graves’ disease which is characterised by tremors, fatigue and severe anxiety. The disease, combined with the self-inflicted exile of recording in a cottage in one of the country’s most isolated islands, is reflected in the music. An album that lurches from light traditional folk into darker moments of brooding reflection, reminiscent of Nick Cave and Nick Drake in equal measures. Edmund’s voice is a rich baritone, with the tone of Richard Hawley and the flamboyance of Rufus Wainwright or Scott Walker.

The latest single, My Sweetheart Honeysuckle, is probably the albums lightest and most upbeat moment. The track is a jaunty slice of pastoral-folk; the gentle strum of a guitar, fluttering piano embellishments and latterly a rather excellent guitar solo. Lyrically it see’s Edmund contrasting the fragility and strength that both love and nature bring. The album is set to be released later this year, and we’re assured tour dates are in the pipeline.

Stream My Sweetheart Honeysuckle below,

The Twisting Vine is out on September 18th. The Gildings play Castle Hotel, Manchester on September 23rd with further date to follow.

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