Five Things We Liked This Week – 13/11/2015

5. Dance Fever

London-based shoegaze/post-punk/slowcore (delete as appropriate) trio Fever Dream have this week shared the visuals for their new single Dance Forever. The track was one of the many highlights on their sublime debut album Moyamoya, which came out earlier this year, and you can read about HERE.

Dance Forever was one of the albums most instantly gratifying tracks, a blur of pounding drums, pulsating bass and screeching feedback drenched guitar-lines. The visuals are equally engrossing, a rapidly moving technicolor blur, it’s in a sense a live video, only throughout, members are swapped in and out by a rotating cast of their pals on the current indie-scene, making for an excellent game of spot the musician. There’s even a Hitchcockian walk on from everyone’s favourite DIY label boss that’s not to be missed, but we don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Moyamoya is out now via Club AC30. Catch Fever Dream live in London next week, click HERE for more details.

4. Pete Astorised Milk

Legendary underground-musician Pete Astor’s has this week shared his brand new single, My Right Hand. The indie-auteur best known for his work with Creation signed acts The Loft and The Weather Prophets, has also detailed the release of his new album Spilt Milk, which will come out early next year on Fortuna Pop!

My Right Hand continues where his past single Mr.Music left off, a blend of Kinks-like English pop sensibility and The Velvet Underground’s chugging-embrace of the experimental. Lyrically it’s an ode to being happy alone, of discovering that you’re happy being “Groucho in a club of one”. Upcoming album Spilt Milk was recorded with the incredibly busy James Hoare (Veronica Falls/Ultimate Painting/The Proper Ornaments) who lends both performance and production, as well as a host of talented collaborators. Summing up the album Pete says, “time passes, shit happens; some losses, some gains. Don’t cry – but I did!” If the albums as good as this super single, we’ll be crying with joy over Spilt Milk.

Spilt Milk is out January 8th via Fortuna Pop. Pete Astor plays Rough Trade East on January 14th as well as taking part in the Fortuna Pop Winter Sprinter.

3. Goofin’ Around (with The Lovely Eggs)

Lancaster-based underground legends The Lovely Eggs have this week shared the visuals for their latest single Goofin’ Around (in Lancashire). The track is lifted from their triumphant fourth album, This Is Our Nowhere, which came out earlier this year, and continued their path of fuzzy guitars and odd-ball interpretations on the mundane nature of everyday life.

The video finds the band on the hunt for Strongbow-fuelled parties, before things take a turn for the psychedelic as they take a trip down a worm-hole and end up in a bed-sit somewhere smashing a piñata. Just the like band themselves it’s absurd and brilliant in equal measures, this is a band who see life for what it is, a delightful mess, and conclude that it’s all the better for that.

This Is Our Nowhere is out now. The Lovely Eggs are on tour now, click HERE for details.

2. Time To Make an EXECutive Decision

For a number of years Danish singer and composer Troels Abrahamsen had been making music on his computer, but two years ago he found himself in front of the piano in his home. He suddenly felt inspired to re-imagine his song writing process. The result is EXEC his new solo project, and The Explanatory Gap, his new single.

The track is based around circular, arpeggiated piano patterns, that recall Yann Tiersen or Andrew Skeet, whilst Troels voice is both haunting and beautiful, reminiscent of Antony Hegarty or Justin Vernon. Lyrically it explores the emotional gap between people, and asks why we can never truly become at one with another, ultimately it’s summarised by the opening line, “where do these white chalk lines come from, that separate us as we run”. We’ll have to wait until next year for his new album, The Limber Real, but until then just immerse yourself in one of the most impressive debut singles you’ll hear in a very long time.

The Limber Real is out February 12th via Tambourhinoceros.

1. What Is Art? We Just Don’t Know

Former front-man with Racehorses, Meilyr Jones has this week shared the visuals for his superb new single, How To Recognise A Work Of Art. The track explores the ludicrous world of art-collectors, the rush to have something on-trend, and the regular recycling of popular-culture. Luckily it does all that with a delightful glam-stomp and a tongue in cheek humorous tone. The track is lifted from his upcoming debut solo-album, which will comes out early next year on Moshi Moshi.

The visuals are equally intriguing, Meilyr has explained that it is influenced by the Fellini film ‘8 1/2’, a sort of walking dream through Meilyr’s own imagination. It starts off with Meilyr being played by an actor, before he’s killed off by an arrow and Meilyr is roped in to perform in the role of himself. He proceeds to stumble through a serious of increasingly preposterous situations where only Meilyr himself seems to be aware how daft the whole thing is. Like the music Meilyr makes it’s intriguing, fun and meticulously detailed, all good signs for the hotly-anticipated album that will follow.

How To Recognise A Work Of Art 7″ single is released on 8th January via Moshi Moshi. Meilyr Jones has various dates over the next few months, click HERE for details.

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