[Premiere] EXEC – Going Under

Today we’re delighted to premiere a new video from one of 2016’s most exciting new artists, EXEC.

Going Under is the third single to be lifted from EXEC’s upcoming debut album, The Limber Real, which is out later this month via the excellent Tambourhinoceros label.

EXEC is the project of prolific Danish musician Troels Abrahamsen, and it is under the EXEC guise that he has crafted the most honest and back-to-basics record of his career. Stripping back the electronic element that underpins much of his previous output and allowing his stunningly emotive vocal and beautiful piano playing to carry the raw emotion that pours into his music.

The video we are delighted to be presenting today was taken from the first ever EXEC concert, which took place at the beautiful Bremen Theatre in Troels’ native Copenhagen. This stunning setting is a perfect place to experience the music of EXEC, whilst the sheer quality of the performance makes for a live version every bit as good as the studio recording.

All of their voices are telling me
How I should live and how I should be
But I am no master
I am no king

But I know
Where I am going
I am going under

Discussing the meaning behind Going Under, Troels explained the track, “is about the reassurance of knowing where you end up. In a constant search for the good and true life, one will be hit by defeat more often than not. By recognizing that you will most likely end in the same place no matter how you live your life, you are freed from this search – at least for a while”.

Whether listening to EXEC is the route to freeing yourself from the solemnity of the pursuit of meaning in modern living or not, it certainly couldn’t hurt.

The Limber Real is  out February 12th via Tambourhinoceros.

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