[Premiere] Jealous Of The Birds – Goji Berry Sunset


Naomi Hamilton is an Irish multi-instrumentalist who releases music under the moniker Jealous Of The Birds; today we’re delighted to premiere her brand new single, Goji Berry Sunset.

Jealous Of The Birds emerged from County Armagh in Northern Ireland, a product of an apparently vibrant suburban folk scene. Naomi released her well received debut EP, Capricorn last year, and since then has been working on its full length follow up; that record, Parma Violets will see the light of the day later this year.

Discussing the song-writing process, Jealous Of The Birds suggested, “my only hope is that the songs sound like a real friend talking”. Whilst that feeling of intimacy was obvious on Capricorn, the indie-folk sound of a bedroom recording project, what’s most impressive about Parma Violets is that Naomi has managed to capture that same feeling that she’s singing directly to you, whilst also incorporating a more ambitious and varied range of influence. The album drifts effortlessly from acoustic guitars, to string crescendos and scuzzy garage-punk; that Jealous Of The Birds had managed to make a record that sounds simultaneously like Alela Diane, Kimya Dawson and Colleen Green is testament to her versatility, whilst the fact that it all sounds so good together is miraculous.

Whilst you’ll have to take our word on the brilliance of Parma Violets for now, you can revel in its first cut, the frankly beautiful Goji Berry Sunset. The track finds Jealous Of The Birds at her most open and honest, accompanied by little more than an anti-folk inspired guitar line and a spot of whistling. The call and response vocals spin a tale of the early sparks of a blooming relationship, the two voices coming together for the most perfectly harmonious of choruses, “your name fizzes on my tongue, damn your name” the two voices sing at once, recalling the blend of outwardly uncomplicated heartache perfected by Feist or Girlpool. Accessible, honest and infectious, expect this to be every bit as popular as the titular super fruit that inspired it it.

Parma Violets is out on April 8th.

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