[Premiere] T-Shirt Weather – When Your Heart

Last month Durham trio T-Shirt Weather teamed up with Odd Box Records to release their excellent second album Pig Beach. A joyous collection of pop-punk tracks, it fused T-Shirt Weather’s trademark raw-spiky punk with plenty of fresh sonic ideas, lyrics that were at once emotional and humorous, and most importantly of all an undeniable sense of fun.

Today the band are sharing the video for When Your Heart, the track is the latest single to be lifted from Pig Beach. When Your Heart is the albums most flamboyant moment mixing rapid rhythmic drums with triumphant horn flourishes and guitar soloing that constantly threaten to fall of a cliff into entirely free-form but just clings on by the fast moving tips of its fingers. The outro even suggests the influence of an elsewhere untapped admiration for the glam-rock of T-Rex, or even the most tasteful bits of Slade.

The video, directed by Nik Vestberg features grainy, and slightly wobbly, footage of the band revelling in a surreal take on the mundanity of modern life. All set in one, fairly small apartment it paints every day life as a series of synchronised leg crosses, members arriving in suitcases, temper tantrums, fourth wall breaking portrait drawing and uninterested dance routines. Imagine a Reeves and Mortimer sketch about Salvador Dali and you won’t be too far away from this wonderfully odd video.

Coinciding with this release the band are heading out on a short UK tour (full details below) culminating in a spectacular all dayer for Odd Box Records at The George Tavern in London on February 20th. Featuring two sets from T-Shirt Weather as well as support from the likes of The Understudies, Flemmings and Two White Cranes. It will also be the last Odd Box show in London before the label relocates to Cardiff. As well as all those reasons to go we’ll be spinning some records at what should be a fitting send off to one of London’s most important DIY heroes.

Pig Beach is out now via Odd Box Records. Tour dates for T-Shirt Weather below…

12th Feb – Birmingham, Ort cafe

13th Feb – Nottingham, Spanky Van Dykes

17th Feb – Durham, Empty Shop 

18th Feb – Leeds, Santiagos

19th Feb – Bristol, Roll For The Soul

20th Feb – London, George Tavern (Odd Box Records All-Dayer)  

9th Apr – Leicester Indie Pop All-Dayer

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