Five Things We Liked This Week – 29/04/2016

Another week means another load of wonderful new music, so as well as our famous five we’d also recommend listening to: Kate Jackson, Acapulco Lips, Mikko Joensuu, Meilyr Jones, Teleman, Le Riche, Fascinations Grand Chorus, Milk Teeth, Kikagaku Moyo, Big Thief, Chris Cohen, Grawl!x, Margaret Glaspy, Emily Wells, Terry, Jay Arner, Nite Jewell, Bambara, Tim Heidecker, Cats Eyes and Woodpigeon.

5. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy Sees The Refugee In Most People

The Brainfrog label have this week announced they have teamed up with a box load of brilliant artists to release a collaborative recording project, Refugee. The compilation is a response to the current refugee crisis, and the ongoing problems both in Syria and the world at large.

The compilation is put together by Scottish folk artist Robin Adams, and features the likes of Richard Dawson, BMX Bandits and Linda Thompson. This week Brainfrog have shared the first track from the compilation, in the shape of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s contribution, Most People. The track is classic Bonnie Prince, an urgent strum of acoustic guitar, that latterly gives way to a more thoughtful, slow-paced and heart wrenching finale. His always stunning voice, carries with it the emotive weight the migrant crisis deserves as he sings, “our days to come can’t be worried on, can’t be thought upon, can’t be dreamed. And thank you there’s no room for disaster in our world to come. And thank you, there’s no room for love or family in what’s to come.” It’s a fantastic and moving piece of songwriting, we’ve come to expect no less from this master of his craft.

All proceeds from the compilation go to the MOAS organisation (Migrant Offshore Aid Station) who’ve saved more than 13,000 lives since 2013 in the Mediterranean Sea. Read more on them at

Refugee is available June 3rd via Brainfrog Records. You can pre-order the compilation HERE.

4. From Norway With Love

Britain is currently in the grips of Scandinavian fever, whether it’s the multitude of Nordic noir thrillers in our book shelves, or Andrew Graham Dixon popping up on our TV talking about the history of art and Ikea, we’re obsessed with all things Scandi. Which might go some way to explaining why former Omi Palone member, Philip Serfaty has decided to call his new solo project Oslo House. Thankfully the music is considerably better than the name.

This week Philip has shared the debut Oslo House single, Plateau. Following the break up of his previous band, a result of the dreaded creative differences, Philip retreated to his bedroom, stripped everything back and discovered a new found sense of joy in melodic, jangling, lo-fi pop. Plateau is wonderfully simplistic, little more than a simplistic casino-style processed drum beat, and a lone guitar, that plays a hypnotic, repetitive phrase, and Philip’s downbeat vocal imparts a gentle sadness to proceedings. The melodies slowly sink into your mind and refuse to leave, as the track recalls the likes of Galaxie 500 or Young Marble Giants. Like Elvis Depressedly (see below) and Chris Cohen (see above), Oslo House are finding new ground in old sounds, and injecting new life into playing guitar alone in your bedroom. Live shows, albums, whatever Oslo House do next, we’re very excited to hear it.

Plateau is out May 20th via Trendy Feelings. 

3. Elvis Has Slipped Out The Back Door

Our first taste of the music of Elvis Depressedly came last year with the frankly stunning New Alhambra record. That album was a winning blend of lo-fi pop and heartbreaking ballideering, a winning middle ground of Sparklehorse and Eels at their most lonesome. New Alhambra wasn’t, however the first release from the North Carolina duo, and embracing their new found fame the band have decided to re-release their 2013 EP, Holo Pleasure.

Alongside that re-release, Elvis Depressedly are also showcasing some new material in the shape of the EP’s flip side, California Dreamin’. This week they shared the first taster of their new material in the form of a new track, Slip. The track bounces by on an easy-going drum beat and pulsating St.Etienne like synth line, whilst Matt Cotheran’s vocal displays all the lackadaisical melancholy that was so omnipresent on New Alhambra. Another stunning adventure into the world of exquisite sadness from the new king and queen of sadcore.

Holo Pleasures/California Dreamin’ is out June 3rd via Run For Cover Records. Elvis Depressedly tour the UK in June, click HERE for details.

2. The End Of A NRVS Night

San Franciscan quintet NRVS LVRS first caught our ear last year with the release of their debut album, The Golden West. The album was a meditation on the impact of technology, and migration in the bands home city of San Francisco. Set to a sonic palette of  electronic exploration and the alternative edges of noughties-indie, it was one of our favourite albums of the year.

This week has seen the bands first new material since The Golden West, in the shape of a new single, End Of The Night. The track was partly recorded at the bands home, before they took it to Los Angeles and into the capable hands of producer  Manny Nietto, noted for his works with Health and The Breeders. The track suggests the band are moving into darker and gloomier territory than on their debut; here the music builds around a loop of haunting harmonies, pulsing synth bass and singer Andrew Gomez’s emotive croon. The band have coined the phrase Vampire Rock to describe the sound of this new track, and certainly this storming single has something of a gothic twist to it. End Of The Night serves as a stand-alone stop gap, but in further good news the band are already readying their second album, which they plan to record this summer, rather exciting news, we’re sure you’ll agree.

End Of The Night is out now, via the bands Bandcamp page.  Any reader on the West-Coast can see the band live next month, click HERE for details.

1. Have A Little Patience

Patience is a word infused with many emotive connotations, the implication of waiting, the fear of failure, the quiet longing for some potential event, knowing it may never come. Patience is also the new alias for the music of songwriter Roxanne Clifford, best known as the singer in Bella Union signed, London jangle-pop trio, Veronica Falls.

This week, Patience has shared the A-side of her debut single, The Church. The track buzzes like an early 1980’s disco; synths buzz, drum machines play out simple pounding rhythms, and Roxanne’s voice soars with emotive depth. Picture Elizabeth Fraser guesting on the best Human League track you’ve ever heard and you won’t be far off how good this sounds. Fittingly, Roxanne has yet to share details of what the future plans are for this project, don’t worry though we’re sure Patience will be worth the wait.

The Church/My Own Invention is out May 6th via Night School Records.

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