Five Things We Liked This Week – 03/06/2016

Too much music for one missive, and we’d also strongly suggest you check out new material from: Evans The Death, Darren Hayman, APEMAN SPACEMAN, Slow Club, BatteriesPalomica (Ft. Oh Peas), Laura J. Martin, Brodka, PillField MouseLawrence Arabia, Chris Cohen, Jay SomMargaret Glaspy, Jinwoo, and a tantalising teaser video from Angel Olsen.

5. Haters On The Radius

Ludicrously fresh-faced Malmö quartet, Hater have this week shared their new single, Radius. The track builds from a reverberating acoustic guitar, to a loose jangling pop track, there are shades of Real Estate or Camera Obscura, only with the more ragged edges left unpolished. The star of the show though is singer Caroline Landahl, her voice at once melodic, but as she reaches for the higher notes, developing a delightfully rasping gravelly quality all her own.

Hater only formed earlier this year, but more music will come next month with the release of their debut EP on the ever excellent PNKSLM Records. On top of that they’re already lining up a studio-slot this summer to record their debut album, suggesting they’re a band who have no intentions to hang around, if it all sounds this good then keep it coming.

The Radius EP is out July 8th via PNKSLM Records. 

4. T-Rextasy – Your 21st Century Girls

If press-releases are to be believed T-Rextasy emerged from New York to, “obliterate the patriarchy via an irresistible synthesis of punk, surf, ska, and good ol’ rock n’ roll…and never looked back.” Whilst smashing the patriarchy might take a little while, listening to their debut album, Jurassic Punk, T-Rextasty are certainly giving it a good go!

This week the quintet have shared the video for their latest single, I Wanna Be A Punk Rocker, and it finds the, “dashing dino-dames” in typically anarchic form. The song itself is a delight, from a pure-pop chorus to the more stripped bare verses where singer Lyris Faron’s clipped Life Without Buildings meets Waxahatchee vocal comes to the fore. Pop-punk, Riot Grrrl, Power-Pop, whatever you want to call it, T-Rextasy are the latest proof that music can appear light-hearted fun on the outside but still have something important to say.

Jurassic Punk is out now via Miscreant Records & Father/Daughter Records. T-Rextasy are on a US tour now, click HERE for details.

3.  Leif Through The Opening Track

Calgary’s self-styled lo-fi-freak-folk artist Laura Leif, or L.T.Leif to use her professional name, is set to release Shadow Of The Brim /  Rough Beasts, her new album next week. This week Laura has shared the latest track to be lifted from it, the aptly named opening track, Opening.

Listening to Opening it is no surprise that Laura has a celebrity fan in Canadian indie-veteran Woodpigeon. The two certainly share a similar sonic pallet of muted beauty; here Laura’s delicate vocal sits wistfully atop as she plucks a repeated phrase on a tenor ukulele, and a cacophony of wheezing harmoniums and gently rolling drums drift in and out of view. On her Bandcamp page Laura invites us listeners to, “get our paws on these tender beats” and after one listen to Opening your paws won’t be arguing.

Shadow Of The Brim/Rough Beats is out June 6th, click HERE for more details. If you’re in Canada you can catch L.T.Leif live, click HERE for all upcoming dates.

2. This Homesick Heart Is Heading For Earth

Boston trio Earth Heart have this week confirmed details of their debut long player, Homesick which the band will self-release later this summer. Earth Heart have also shared the first taste of the album in the shape of title track, Homesick.

Homesick is three minutes of echoing guitars, yelped vocals and crashing drums, bringing to mind Dirty Beaches or early Best Coast. Singer Katie’s Cordiner’s laid back vocal contrasting perfectly with drummer Matt Axten’s frantic drumming. Discussing their songwriting process Katie and Matt were keen to point out their uncomplicated approach, “we just sit down and play, without saying anything, and good things spring up and take shape.” If there’s more things as good as this title track, Homesick could be very special indeed.

Homesick is out August 5th, click HERE for further details.

1. The Sings Of A Halfwit

Back track to December 2015, Ryley Walker had just spent the best part of ten months touring and promoting his breakthrough album,  Primrose Green (one of our favourite albums of 2015). Ryley had played over 200 shows and perhaps unsurprisingly was taking Christmas off. Most people’s idea of a holiday though doesn’t involve hauling up in a Chicago studio with Wilco multi-instrumentalist LeRoy Bach and recording an album, indeed most musicians would probably consider that work.

Work or otherwise, those sessions will now see the light of the day in the shape of Ryley’s third studio-album, Golden Sings That Have Been Sung. The album is scheduled to come out at the back end of the summer, and this week Ryley has shared the first cut to be lifted from it, the album’s opening track, The Halfwit In Me. The track, is in some way a natural progression from Primrose Green, although there’s also hints at progress, a stepping away from his previous pastoral-1970’s sound into something incorporating greater nods in the direction of the jazzy post-rock of Do Make Say Think and the rolling dreamy-pop of Yo La Tengo. A thrilling first taste of what we can expect from a songwriter who seems increasingly to be moving his music in entirely unique directions.

Golden Sings That Have Been Sung is out August 19th via Dead Oceans. Ryley Walker is touring pretty much everywhere, click HERE for all upcoming shows.

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