Five Things We Liked This Week – 10/06/2016

Other things we liked this week include new music  by: Golden Fable, The Moonage ShineBeck, Ralegh Long, Blind Pilot, The Felice Brothers, J.Allen, MaybirdThe Medicine HatFascinations Grand Chorus, Adam Torres, Wye OakPalehoundMoon BrosArborist, Darren Hayman & Papernut Cambridge, Luka, Told Slant and Jenny Elizabeth & The Gunned Down Horses.

5. Trust Fund Move On Together

Continuing a bid to be Britain’s most prolific songwriter, Trust Fund, aka Ellis Jones, has this week shared a brand new track, Together, which is lifted from an upcoming album, We Have Always Lived In The Harolds. The album is currently unfinished but it is already scheduled for release within the next few weeks, which sounds a bit Kanye West, but also rather intriguing.

The new single together is certainly a promising place to start; in many ways it is classic Trust Fund, all loose jangling guitar stabs, enthusiastically yelped vocals and quietly creative drum beats. The progression here seems to be more a lyrical and personal advancement, from the opening line, “now our year of heartbreak is over”, it’s a song about things working out and not really having a clue how you function in a world where that’s the case. Details might be little sketchy currently, but really would you want Trust Fund any other way?

You can pre-order We Have Always Live In The Harolds HERE. Trust Fund have a handful of upcoming dates announced, click HERE for details.

4. Tangerine Dreams

Seattle’s surf-pop trio Tangerine have this week shared the video to their latest single, Sunset. The track is lifted from their most recent EP, Sugar Teeth, which came out at the start of the year on Swoon Records. The EP explored a world of chaotic relationships and fading friendships and took influences from artists as diverse as The Strokes, Charlie XCX and The Velvet Underground.

Tangerine are led by sisters, Marika & Miro Justad, and if Sunset is anything to go by their vocal chemistry is key to their sound. The song is a light-hearted jaunt through surf-pop and garage-rock guitar twiddling; on top of that sit sweet, almost country vocals, that nod to the likes of Slow Club or She & Him. Like the fruit they take their name from, Tangerine are accessible and sweet, although sadly not a good source of vitamin C, folate, or beta-carotene.

Sugar Teeth is out now via Swoon Records.

3. Terry Start The War

At what point in the process of forming a band does the thought cross your head that you should call it Terry? Because that’s exactly what one particular band of Melbourne musical misfits decided was a good idea. The band, who consist of members of Dick Diver, Total Control and a whole lot of other bands we’ve never heard, have recently signed to Upset The Rhythm who will release their debut LP, fittingly entitled Terry HQ, next month.

Whilst we’re somewhat unsure about the name (although the press release that compares Terry to Marcel Marceau and Siri is rather wonderful) what we are sure about is the music. This week Terry have shared their latest musical wonder, in the shape of new single Third War. The bands Al Montford has suggested the song is about, “violence on the most calculated and largest of scales.” Although you wouldn’t get that from a cursory listen, because it’s a wonderfully sleepy sounding, slice of bedroom melancholy; all chugging acoustic guitars, multi-part vocal harmonies and droning keyboards, there’s more than a shade of Pete Astor or even a touch of Teenage Fanclub. Add in the fact it sounds absolutely nothing like their first single from the album,  Don’t Say Sorry, and you’ve got many reasons to be very intrigued by the international man of mystery that is Terry.

Terry HQ is out July 1st via Upset The Rhythm. 

2. Suggested Rolling

Suggested Friends are the latest product of London’s fertile DIY-pop scene, consisting of members from the likes of Wolf Girl and Actual Crimes. This week the quartet have shared the video to their upcoming debut single, I Can’t Roll My Eye That Far (Back).

The video features both cake and the Grim Reaper attacking a piñata for some reason, it also only features half the band because two of them weren’t around, there’s something undeniably admirable about a band willing to plow on regardless. Even better than the video though is the track, it’s a euphoric lo-fi, blur of bright-jangling guitars, and tight vocal harmonies, with a delightfully scathing lyrical nod in the direction of elitism and those who meld their personalities to be in with the in crowd. There’s not much material to get your teeth into yet but already Suggested Friends make for suggested listening, and we promise never to make that joke again.

I Can’t Roll My Eyes That Far (Back) will be released later this year via For The Sake Of Tapes. Suggested Friends have a handful of upcoming dates, their Facebook is probably the best place for details.

1. Glow In The Dark Flowers

London-quintet Night Flowers have this week shared their brand new single, Glow In The Dark, which will receive a fittingly phosphorescent vinyl release next month via Dirty Bingo Records. As long term advocates of the band, we’re hoping this is going to be a sign of them finally working towards releasing a debut LP in the not too distant future, but that is currently little more than idle speculation.

Appetite whetting or otherwise, Glow In The Dark is further evidence of just what a wonderfully talented bunch Night Flowers are. Here, recently acquired female vocalist Sophie Pettit takes lead vocals, adding a Massachusetts twist to the bands trademark glistening-North East jangle. The band are fresh from rapturously received tours of Germany and Japan, and it was the latter that served as location and inspiration for the accompanying video, as the band put it, “the video intends to capture Tokyo as a living, breathing and sleepless organism, and induce a feeling of jetlagged, punchdrunk euphoria, capturing the alien but beautiful environment and state of mind we found ourselves submerged in.” It’s a fitting visual accompaniment to the track, which washes over the listener with a dreamlike atmosphere whilst lyrically touching upon the themes of distance and timing, and how they affect the very essence of human relationships. Another fantastic single from this highly talented bunch, now hurry up and get that album finished.

Glow In The Dark is out July 15th via Dirty Bingo Records.

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