EMYLE is the self-styled dark disco queen of 2016. Earlier this year she released the Mark Pistel produced EP, Let It Rain. A collection of brooding synth-pop, with nods to her eclectic influences including Blondie, Linda Rondstadt, and Donna Summer. If you’re thinking this doesn’t sound like our usual cup of tea it isn’t, but there’s just something about EMYLE (Plus she doesn’t really sound anything like Donna Summer).

ejmusicvideo_0005 (1)

Today we’re delighted to premiere the video for the EP’s title track Let It Rain. EMYLE is originally from the Bay Area of San Francisco, but Let It Rain is the sound of her heading off to Los Angeles in pursuit of adventures new. The track builds from a fluttering synth, and laid-back processed drum-beat; there’s hints of Gorillaz at their most laid-back or Postal Service were they to replace the melancholic tensions, with an all together more content world view. EMYLE’s voice floats in, “the light goes out in the city by the bay”, there’s something of Lana Del Rey about her vocal, but with the drama dialled down, whilst at times she nods in the direction of more traditional alternative voices like Emily Cross (Cross Rec0rd) or Caitlin Rose. The huge expansive chorus; a wall of thick, menacing synths, soaring guitars and driving heavy drums, finds EMYLE repeating the vocal mantra, “hello to tomorrow, let it rain.” It’s a song of facing the world with all its dangers, of taking risks and plunging yourself into uncertainty, and it’s every bit as thrilling as that sounds.

Discussing the accompanying video EMYLE notes, “it really expressed how I felt about running away from the Bay Area a few months ago and trying out a new life in LA. Starting from scratch. I threw everything away. I was in a desert when I got here. In the sense that I came with nothing. To build off of. And hopefully create something beautiful.” If you ask us EMYLE, mission accomplished.

Let Is Rain EP is out now. Although she currently has no shows planned, click HERE to keep up to date with everything EMYLE.

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