[PREMIERE] The Wolfhounds – Now I’m A Killer

In the world of indie-pop there can be few more mythologized releases that the NME’s seminal C-86 Cassette, and it could have only better summarized the genre’s jangling hey-day better if had been given away for free so nobody made any money. The tape’s legacy is much debated, Saint Etienne’s Bob Stanley described it as, “the beginning of indie-music” and suggested it united the disparate music scenes that existed across the country, whilst infamous writer Everett True, was considerably less impressed, suggesting the tape was, “unrepresentative of its times . . . and even unrepresentative of the small narrow strata of music it thought it was representing.” Perhaps the best summary, or certainly the least hyperbolic, came from former-NME writer Andrew Collins who simply dubbed it, “the most indie thing to have ever existed.”

The bands who featured on the cassettes subsequent careers would certainly suggest it was a mixed bag of commercial diversity; whilst Primal Scream, Half Man Half Biscuit and The Wedding Present would forge successful careers and formidable back catalogs, the likes of Stump, Big Flame and Miaow are unlikely to even slightly raise the eyebrows of anyone but the most fanatical of music lovers. As for Feeling So Strange Again, side A, track 4, by The Wolfhounds? Who knows what happened to them? Well we do…


Flash back not to 1986, but to the more recent days of 2006 (and try not to freak out that that 2006 is already a decade ago) and you’d fine the aforementioned Bob Stanley pining for the mid-1980’s. At his behest, The Wolfhounds reformed for the first time since 1990 and, as they put it, “inflicted a severe guitar noisefest on an unsuspecting indiepop crowd at London’s ICA.” Since 2012 they have been recording and releasing new material. Today we’re delighted to announce, that following on from last year’s singles compilation Middle Aged Freaks, The Wolfhounds will be releasing their first set of entirely new material since 1990’s Attitude. That record will be called Untied Kingdom (or How To Come To Terms With Your Culture) and will be out this October via Odd Box Records.

Marking this announcement the band have also been kind enough to share with us the first taster of that record in the shape of a new track, Now I’m A Killer. Building on an urgent, jerking guitar-riff, and unrelenting, steady drum-beat; the track blurs the lines between the post-punk of Wire and the lo-fi grunge of Dinosaur Jr, all without having a nostalgically jangling guitar anywhere in earshot. Lyrically it is menacing and brooding, singer David Callahan’s words laced with a winning sense of guilt, anguish and acceptance; “I can only keep missing my targets for so long, I can only shoot over their heads for so long.”

The band have suggested Untied Kingdom… will be their most varied and eclectic set to date, and have promised that, “the album musically and lyrically goes pretty much everywhere all other underground bands can’t or won’t go.” Sure The Wolfhounds might be self professed middle-aged freaks who’ve been going for thirty years already, but they say youth is wasted on the young, and sounding as inspired, energised and angry as bands half their age, The Wolfhounds are back and might just be better than ever.

Untied Kingdom or How to Come To Terms With Your Culture will be out via Odd Box Records in October. You can pre-order your copy HERE.

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