[PREMIERE] Daydreams – Drive

Daydreams is the bedroom recording project of Los Angeles based musician Dan Crook. He recently released his new EP, Teenage Feelings, and today we’re delighted to be premiering the video for his latest single, Drive.


The video finds Dan and his friend Swirly goofing about in the park, skating, playing guitars and messing about with a slightly too real to be safe sword. There’s a playfulness to the clip which is also present in Daydreams’ music.

The sound of Daydreams is intriguing, lo-fi but somehow expansive; whilst Dan’s music may exist within the confines of his recording method, his ambition remains entirely undampened. He confesses much of the music was written in the fall out of a painful break-up, and it certainly has the emotive pull you’d expect, but as with bands like No Age or The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, the music of Daydreams approaches this trouble not with self-pity, but with a joyous blast of noise. The vocals are a lackadaisical and distant, as thrashing distorted-guitars and steady rhythmic pulses of drums take the foreground; it is only on repeat listens that his intrinsic ear for a vocal melody and his words creep into your brain, and the true joy of Daydreams music infects you.

Drive is unquestionably one of the stand out moments on Teenage Feelings; a hyper-energetic blast of fuzzy guitars, driving heady drums and multi-layered, heavily distorted vocals. Discussing Drive, Dan describes it as “obviously about someone, but I had no idea what to write at the time.” He simply improvised vocals to stitch a melody into place, and stumbled across some sort of hidden meaning in the words the process produced. The track, like the EP, is wonderfully raw, Daydreams remain a rough diamond, but one that already glitters spectacularly and stands out from the crowd.

Teenage Feelings is out now, and can be picked up via Bandcamp.

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