[PREMIERE] Littlebow – Last Summer Of The Century

This month will see the release of unclassifiable cult-instrumentalists, Littlebow’s third album, self-evidently titled Three. It is the band’s first release since adding the huge talents of harpist Brona McVittie to the original duo of Katie English (Isnaj Dui, The Sly and Unseen, The Doomed Birds of Providence) and Keiron Phelan (Smile Down Upon Us, State River Widening, Orla Wren).

Today we’re delighted to share the latest offering from the band, Last Summer Of The Century. Keiron from the band describes the track as the album’s, “brief, brightly sunlit, wing-fluttering and Stravinsky-rich opening track.”

Is it jazz? Is it folk? Is it classical? Who knows…we certainly don’t, who cares? Well surely even less people. There are nods to the music of The Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Leo Kottke or perhaps Yann Tiersen; but building around a hypnotic flute melody, the pulse of a cello, and a smattering of perfectly judged harp notes, more than anything it’s simply a wonderful place to spend three minutes of your time.

The track is accompanied by a wonderfully apt video produced by Mark Kuykendall, using his great uncle’s archive of vintage footage. The clips hint at a lost simplicity, a world where the subtle, mundane details of life are rendered beautiful; just like the music of Littlebow takes seemingly simple musical patterns and makes them into something truly magical.

Three is out August 30th via Rural Colours. For more details click HERE.

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