[PREMIERE] Bearcats – Candy EP

Bearcats are the Californian duo of bassist Lisa Harrison and drummer Lexi McCoy. In their own words they are, “sisters who sing about heartbreak, young love, movies we like, and throwing up on our ex boyfriends.” Though technically they’re not actually sisters.


Over in the US, Bearcats released their debut EP, Candy last year, thankfully it’s now getting a long overdue UK-release courtesy of Durham-based collective, Frux. Jonny from the label discovered Bearcats while stumbling around the internet looking for new music, and describes it as, “love at first listen.” He was desperate to put the album out, and thankfully Bearcats have their eyes set on taking over the entire UK, so willingly agreed.

Today we’ve got the exclusive premiere of the entire Candy EP. Bearcats are a band equal parts sludgy underground rock, and bright breezy pop. Lisa’s driving scuzzy bass-lines powered along by Lexi’s loose, cymbal heavy drumming. Recalling the likes of September Girls or The Raveonettes, Bearcats’ sound fuses a lo-fi take on a wall of sound with vocal harmonies, that are simultaneously sweet and menacing. Raw, ragged and very exciting indeed, Bearcats sound like a band more than ready to make a big impact on both sides of the Atlantic, as for taking over the UK? Well we’re all for it.

Candy is out in the UK September 2nd via Frux – and you can pre-order it HERE.

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