[PREMIERE] Giovanni Ferrario Alliance – Goose 4

Whilst you may well not have heard of Giovanni Ferrario, there’s a good chance you’ve heard him. Giovanni’s been making music since the 1980’s; whether it’s as a solo artist, with his own bands, Views and Micevice, or as a collaborator with the likes of John Parish and PJ Harvey, Giovanni’s life has never been far away from music.


Next month will see the release of Giovanni’s latest album, Places Names Numbers, under the name Giovanni Ferrario Alliance. Today we’re delighted to premiere the latest taste of that album, in the shape of new single, Goose 4.

Building around a skittish, military drum, throbbing bass and pulsing organ, it recalls the sun drenched psychedelia perfected this year by the likes of Chris Cohen and Charlie Hilton. It’s a beautifully produced and intriguing track, with a timeless quality, it sounds like it could have existed anytime since the 1970’s but also remains  remarkably modern. An always intriguing artist, Giovanni sounds as important now as he ever has, and Places Names Numbers, might just be his finest work to date.

Places Names Numbers is out October 7th via the We Were Never Being Boring Collective.


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