[PREMIERE] Robberie – Everyone’s A Geek

It may have been out in May last year, but the slow-burning support for Roberrie’s debut album, Beneath Your City, As You Dream…, means that it’s still making regular waves with an ever-growing audience. Robberie’s sound is one of pure indie-pop, with reference to the likes of Helen Love or M. J. Hibbett. Today we’re delighted to share the video for album highlight, Everyone’s a Geek.

Camera 360

Everyone’s a Geek is a musing on the changing face of technology and how geekery has crept into, “the corner of every lounge”, to the point where the once mocked Computer Club are now just, well all of us. Musically, it’s a blend of Robin’s steady acoustics, and Nik’s warbling 8-bit sounding keys, all acting as a backdrop to Val’s melodic, half-spoken vocals. The accompanying video finds the trio playing old Spectrum games, messing about at the arcade, and ignoring one another to play on their phones. This bunch of geeks are onto something, so perhaps next time you go to dole out a wedgie on some unsuspecting poindexter, just take a look at yourself and think do you really want to be doing that aged 31? Makes you think doesn’t it.

Beneath Your City, As You Dream is out now. Click HERE for more information, live dates and to purchase your copy.

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