Nursing A Hangover – A Mixtape by Bad Fit

When people get all dewy-eyed thinking of the joys of living the rock’n’roll dream, there’s an element that always crosses our minds that rarely comes up. The travelling the world, the screaming fans, the drink and the drugs are all present in the life of the clichéd rockstar – but where are the hangovers?

If you’re anything like us, you’ll find that as the ravages of age hit, suddenly the idea of a making your way through the crate of cheap continental lager that normally acts as a small bands rider is riddled with terrifying side effects. That’s before you even consider you’re likely to be getting in a van very early the next day to wherever the tours headed next, and you’ve probably booked an itinerary that finds you playing in Brighton one night, Glasgow the next, then back to Bristol. Eight hours sitting in a sweaty van with a hangover, now that dear readers is surely the dark reality of the rock’n’roll dream.

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One band currently living the dream are Belfast quartet, Bad Fit. Apparently known locally as, “the baddest band in Belfast”, the band initially formed under the guise of Chemical Toilet, an Always Sunny In Philadelphia tribute act, before morphing into Bad Fit. Last week they released their new single In The City, the follow-up to their well-received debut track, Strong Forever. In The City is a glistening slice of dreamy indie-pop, all glissandoing electric guitars, soaring, harmonious vocals and contrastingly meaty drum beats, we’re put in mind of bands like Night Flowers or Lanterns On The Lake. Lyrically it deals in the rocky ups and downs of dating in the digital age; lead-singer Grace Loughrey questioning whether it’s possible to find happiness without settling as she sings, “I could take you out, I could let you in, I could just pretend, I’m not settling”.

In The City is quite the contrast to Strong Forever, which was a more straight up brighter and poppier piece of songwriting. Two tracks in and they already sound a fascinating and versatile act. Bad Fit suggest influences such as Alvvays, Weezer and C-86; however, the various members also perform in other acts whose sounds take in everything from hardcore to hip-hop. That they manage to meld that into something listenable is impressive and very promising for whatever they choose to do next.

Today Grace and Danny from the band have put together a mixtape for us based around the age-old problem of getting back to reality after a night with one too many beers, as Grace from the band explains,

“As a band we tend to enjoy the odd beer together. When we’re in the practice room we get the serious stuff out of the way, then we put on songs and sing along as loud as we can on the mics. It’s like karaoke except we don’t need lyrics on screens because we just make them up. The next day we’ll inevitably be a little worse for wear and need songs to ease us back to reality. These songs help us feel better and hopefully they’ll work for you too!”

Check out Bad Fit’s hangover fixes below, featuring the likes of Bon Iver, Agnes Obel and Tom Petty to name but a few. But before you think you’ve got a free pass to knock back a bottle of wine and a whisky chaser or two – always remember the NHS’s final words on hangover cures, There are no cures for a hangover!

1. A$AP Mob – Yamborghini High

Grace: This video is so good I could watch it in a loop until it lulls me back to my senses. I want every Bad Fit video to look like this. I generally like indie and folk but this could be my gateway song to hiphop.

2. Bon Iver – “33 God”

Grace:If I’m having a particularly emotional hangover this could tip me over the edge but I’m willing to roll that dice. The lyrics are just lovely. I love the videos Bon Iver released with this album – they’re half the reason the video for In The City is a lyric video.

3. Agnes Obel – Riverside

Grace: Dreamy and lush and washes you away to some place where headaches and dehydration don’t exist. I heard people talking about Agnes Obel for a while before I actually listened. I don’t know what took me so long, she’s amazing!

4. Jealous of the Birds – Goji Berry Sunset

Grace: One of my favourite artists – she’s from Northern Ireland and knows how to write about whatever is in your head better than you ever could.

5. Christine and the Queens – Tilted

Grace: Any time I hear this song it immediately takes away from whatever is happening. Just love that syncopated synth.

6. Sharon Van Etten – Every time the Sun comes up I’m in Trouble

Danny: The title says it all really. It’s beautiful, it feels drunken, it sways from side to side. The verses are nonsense but that’s the point I think. It’s all about the refrain. It’s like when there’s nowhere else to go with the party, it’s peaked and has been done for a while. Apparently, it was in an ad so maybe that made Sharon a few Pound. This is a live version without the gross bit.

7. Nothing – The Heavenly Blue Flu

Danny: When I’m beat, I find comfort in listening to or reading about bands exploits. Usually ones which live harder than me. The song is so soothing and dreamy, like it was recorded in a cloud. However, the real reason it’s here is cause it has the most crushing, descending bridge of all time, ft. the lyrics “Only walking on bridges built to fall. Running in circles like rats stuck in the wall”

8. Cloakroom – Lossed Over

Danny: The heaviest, stoner, space, pop tunes about. No band makes me think more about my own reason for being than Cloakroom. In a good way that is. Their songs are laced in eerie deep space sounds and themes. It just reminds me we really are nothing important in the grand scheme of things. Sent here to survive. I find entitlement one of the worst traits in humans. The Gods of Earth are laughing at us all. “Far too much faith given into the cure. Almost like we think we’ll live again”

9. Tom Petty – I Won’t Back Down

Danny: My best man James and I were driving back home from Malin Head, Co.Donegal at the conclusion of my Stag Party Weekend. We were feeling worse for wear I guess. We were in my Dads car and his only CD was Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. We listened to it back to back to back and every so often we’d look at each other and both realise that everything was going to be OK.

Bad Fit play a free show at Output in Belfast tonight – click HERE for more information on Bad Fit.

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