Surely Sheffield’s finest, “independent drone pop” act, the three headed musical monster that is LOAM are set to release their new single, Heron this week and today we’re premiering the accompanying (360 degree!) video.

Photo by Nathan Gibson www.nathangibson.net

LOAM have stated their ambition as a band is to plug, “the gap between Nick Cave and Fuck Buttons”, a gap we must admit we’d never really considered, but thankfully LOAM did. Heron begins with anxious, skittering drums, before waves of buzzing synthesisers pulse into earshot. Then singer Laurie Allport croaks in, his grandiose, booming baritone reminiscent of Dave Gahan or Mark Lanegan. Lyrically although somewhat obtuse, the band have suggested, “it is about regret, and forcing change where it should not be”, which ties into the music’s dense and somewhat melancholic sound.

Heron is seemingly just the beginning for LOAM with further singles planned for the coming months, ahead of an album early next year. The band suggest it’s not a matter of where this music comes from, but where it’s capable of taking you: music this intriguing might take LOAM a very long way.

Heron is out March 10th. Click HERE for more information about LOAM and upcoming live dates.

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