[PREMIERE] Enderby’s Room – Birds

You may remember a few months back that Enderby’s Room, the folk-project of fiddle-player Dan Mayfield, made us a wonderful mixtape of some of the bands that influenced the writing of his debut album. Following a fittingly relaxed build up, that album is now creeping into view, as it’s set to come out next month on Fika Recordings. Today we’re sharing the latest taste from that record, in the shape of new single, Birds.


Having played with acts as diverse as Daniel Johnston, The Wave Pictures and the Belles of London City Morris dancers, Dan’s something of a regular on the indie-folk scene in his adopted home of London; yet it’s perhaps his upbringing in rural Lincolnshire that’s the greater scenic influence on Birds. The track is a delicate piece of gently unfurling minimalism, led by a lightly plucked acoustic, and the steady pulse of a double-bass; it’s left to the vocals to carry much of the melodic content. Thankfully in guest vocalist, Deerful’s Emma Winston, they’ve the perfect foil, while Emma’s own music exists in the field of electronic-pop, here she demonstrates herself an equally adept folk-singer. Emma’s silvery vocal effortlessly carrying the quiet melancholy of Dan’s words, as she sings of the natural migration of our avian visitors, “they’re preparing to leave this land and head somewhere warmer, far from our crystal winter“. It’s a song that knows we must all fly the nest at some point, but even in that inevitability, there’s still a sense of trepidation and sadness and what me way lose along the way.

The whole track builds to a quiet crescendo, as Dan and a third voice, belonging to Sophie Koonin, join to provide delightfully harmonious, counter melodies, and the rich, weezing tones of a Victorian pedal harmonium add a touch of depth, before the whole thing fades to fluttering bird song. It’s an exquisitely delivered, and vivid piece of songwriting, and the strongest case yet for just how good Enderby’s Room’s album could be.

Enderby’s Room’s self-titled debut album is out April 21st on Fika Recordings.Click HERE for live dates and more information.

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