Five Things We Liked This Week – 21/04/2017

Further Listening: PeanessBedouine, TaffyGurrDoug Tuttle, Villagers’ collaboration with Nico Muhly, Midnight SisterAnneka, Stonefield, Hovvdy, Delafaye, KookielouRatboys, Gallery 47, Nadine Shah, CayetanaSaudade Sisters, Keaton Henson, Katie Von Schleicher, Stunt Casting covering VassalsPaul Bergmann, Wooing, Justin Townes EarleJames Elkington, Good Good BloodJet Rewind, Mt. DoubtSoftspot, ColtanaKara Mosher, Hotel Del Salto, ULTRAS, Colour Of Spring, Chick Quest, Meursault, Ciaran LaveryUmm, No Vacation and the gorgeous new single from Alanna Eileen.

5. Alone In The World Was An Art School Jock

From the name alone we kind of knew we were going to like Atlanta quartet Art School Jocks, thankfully they also sound excellent. The band formed back in the summer of 2015, and are set to release their debut record in June on Father/Daughter Records, the EP features Art School Jocks’ musing on subjects from romantic love to sociopolitical concerns and mental wellness.

Ahead of that release, Art School Jocks have this week shared the second taster of the EP, a new track Catdog. Taking its name from the Nickelodeon Cartoon, the band suggest Catdog is about, “understanding that any one thing is painted in a multitude of ways depending on who’s seeing it and what their influence casts”. Musically, Catdog is a winning blend of scuzzy, grunge-infused guitars, emotive vocals and the steady crack of a snare drum, bringing to mind the likes of Stef Chura or whenyoung. All in all this is deeply promising, and we can’t wait to hear more from this talented bunch.

Art School Jocks’ self titled album is out June 2nd via Father/Daughter Records. Click HERE for more information.

4. Everybody Wannabe The Tuts

Did The Tuts predict this upcoming election? In calling their upcoming tour, the ‘Something Worth Voting For’ tour, the London-based, three-tone girl band have certainly laid down a gauntlet to politicians everywhere. The tour is the latest chance to see the band performing tracks from last year’s politically minded debut album, Update Your Brain.

Ahead of those dates, The Tuts have this week shared their cover of the Spice Girl’s Wannabe, a track that as Beverley from the band puts it, “just made me feel amazing about myself”. The bands riotous take on the Spice Girls original, adds a certain pop-punk edge to the Girl Power classic, which suggests Elastica or Garbage are as much of an influence as The Spice Girls. The self-produced accompanying video finds the trio re-creating some of the classic scenes from the video, and even improving on the original, as the band put it “we have our own personalities like how the Spice Girls have their personalities, except we’re better than the Spice Girls because we have more diversity and we don’t vote for the conservative party!”  You won’t find any arguments here!

Update Your Brain is out now. Click HERE for all tour dates and more information on The Tuts.

3. Head To San Francisco With Globelamp

Rewind to 2015 and Elizabeth Le Fey should have been on top of the world; signed to Wichita Recordings, she was just about to put out her beguiling and beautiful second album, The Orange Glow. However the fallout from an abusive relationship, a restraining order, and a high-profile court case, and it’s fair to say things haven’t worked out as planned – you can read the details of the events and make you own mind up on events here. With this in mind, the continued ignorance regarding Globelamp’s work and the continued success of Foxygen certainly grates.

This week, Globelamp has shared a new video for The Orange Glow’s brutal highlight, San Francisco. Bringing to mind the work of Wes Anderson, the video is one of contrasts, gorgeous colour schemes infused with an undeniable sadness. Like the accompanying song the video is an uncompromising and emotionally raw piece of work that pulls no punches, as Elizabeth puts it, “I won’t censor my art or my vision because of my past, and this video is about digging up the remains of the past and transforming it into something beautiful”. Perhaps now is the perfect time for the world to wake up, and acknowledge the art of Globelamp, a survivor who thankfully refuses to be silenced

The Orange Glow is out now via Wichita Recordings. Click HERE for more information on Globelamp.

2. Deerful’s Debut Should Be Just Peachy

Emma Winston, or to use her musical moniker Deerful, has amassed a growing fan base on the back of a number small-scale releases, and impressive live shows. Now the electronic-explorer has confirmed details of her debut album, Peach, which arrives just two years after Emma wrote her first ever song. Describing the inspiration behind the album, Emma has suggested Peach is, “an album about affirming the ordinary and vital, about the everyday things that provide comfort to you in difficult times, and about finding your own way to push back against the expectations that constrain you”.

Ahead of Peach’s release in June, Emma has shared the first taste of the upcoming record, Subjects Of Our Love. The track is as intense as Deerful has even sounded, bringing to mind the likes of Fever Ray or Grimes as it melds a dizzying blur of pulsating electronic textures, and Emma’s rich, soaring vocal. Emma has suggested the lyrical content of Peach is an exploration of the concept of femininity and about celebrating the moments of connection between women – a worthy subject to tackle, and one that seems to have brought a new-found edge to her work. Subject Of Our Love is a new high from this most intriguing of musicians.

Peach is out June 9th via wiaiwya. Click HERE for live dates and further information.

1. Waxahatchee Provides A Silver Lining

Alabama native Katie Crutchfield, aka Waxahatchee, has this week confirmed details of the follow-up to her break-through record, 2015’s Ivy Tripp. That album, Out In The Storm will come out in July, ahead of a huge UK tour in September. Discussing the forthcoming record, Katie has suggested it is an, “emotional reawakening”, digging deeper into the troubled relationship which Ivy Tripp, in Katie’s own words, “scratched the surface of”.

As well as detailing the new record, Waxahatchee have also shared the first taste of it, in the shape of new single Silver, a song Katie has suggested is, “about self-examination and the different shapes that takes, good and bad. I wanted it to be abstract and poetic, but I also wanted to align it with the other songs on the album, since they’re all so connected lyrically.” At the suggestion of producer John Agnello, much of this album was recorded live, which goes some way to explain the riotous guitar heavy nature of Silver; in many ways it steps away from the lush production of Ivy Tripp back into the energetic tones of the earlier Waxahatchee releases. Silver is a stunning return, powerful, emotional and honest, it seems like an artist re-energised, taking strength from sadness and creating what might just be her most exciting record to date.

Out In The Storm is out July 14th via Merge Records. Click HERE for live dates and further information.

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