[VIDEO PREMIERE] Wolf Girl – Moody

Last week saw Wolf Girl team up with Odd Box Records to release their new single Moody, their first material since last year’s debut album, We Tried. They’ll be celebrating the release with a launch show at Urban Bar in Whitechapel, with a stella support cast including Witching Waves, The Potentials and a solo set from Suggested Friends. Ahead of that show, the band have put together an accompanying video for Moody which we’re premiering here today.

Wolf Girl - Natalie Dugdale
Photo by Natalie Dugdale / Header photo by Carl Farrugia

Featuring an assortment of home-recorded clips, many of which feature luminaries of the DIY scene, there’s a hint of Feeder’s infamous Just A Day video, only with much less jumping around, lots more crying, and onions. Throughout, lead-singer Becky is cast as a mime, the Marcel Marceau like make-up gently running down their face, as they sit lonely in the cinema, or have films projected across their impressively acted, melancholic face.

Musically, Moody is a slice of jangling, fuzz-pop, pitched somewhere between Veronica Falls and Diet Cig. Crunching drum beats pound, as guitars flick between slick riffing and chugging reverberating chords, and the hook-laden vocals chime; particularly pleasant when Becky and drummer Christabel sing together in melodic unity. Lyrically, it is a tale of intimate doubts, Becky cast as a doomed romantic, asking, “did you even read the book of poetry I lent you”, and ultimately craving any sort of hint of a conclusion, “I think we should just make out, so sick of mood swings and roundabouts”. On their debut album, Wolf Girl were a promising, if sometimes rough around the edges prospect, but Moody is a significant step forward, and one that suggests wherever they go next will be well worth exploring with them.

Moody is out now via Odd Box Records – click HERE to order a copy. Click HERE for more information on Wolf Girl.

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