[ALBUM PREMIERE] Junodef – Ocean

Hailing from Lund in Sweden, although now based out of London, JUNODEF intriguingly describe their songs as post-death music. Citing influences including PJ Harvey, Warpaint and Chelsea Wolfe, their sound is one of slowly unfurling melodies, distorted guitars, booming percussion and scything, glacial electronics. Singers Tyra and Karin share vocal duties throughout and the tracks flick between English and Swedish. Formed less than a year ago, the fresh-faced Swedes are set to release their debut album, Ocean, on May 20th, and ahead of the release we’re streaming the record in its entirety.

JUNODEF press pic
Photo by Daniel Ekenberg – https://www.instagram.com/danielekenberg // Header image by Caoimhe Hahn http://www.caoimhehahn.com/

It may consist of just five tracks, but Ocean is a spectacular and ambitious introduction to a band, who are more than willing to let their music spill out into lengthy and fully developed soundscapes. Take album opener, Oktober, sung in Swedish, it builds from a gentle repeated guitar line. The ominous dense synth adds atmospheric touches, before the driving drums lift the whole thing into glorious, noisy, industrial Kveikur-era Sigur Rós territory. Slowly unfurling and unafraid of the epic and eerie, it’s a spine-tingling opening, even without a single word our non-existent Swedish can interpret.

Elsewhere the angsty Music bristles with gorgeous keys and skittering drum beats, Trick is an echoing piano ballad turned furious blast of distorted noise, and the title track, Ocean, is the sort of widescreen post-rock bands like Jeniferever and Redjetson wowed with previously. The epic eight-minute plus closer, Gold, is a delightfully angular and bruising number, all clanking guitar noise and rumbling drums. They combine to create a huge wall of sound, which Karin wails against with a sense of fury, as if screaming into the darkness of the void.

With upcoming dates on both sides of the North Sea, JUNODEF are a band with the style, sound and songs to make huge waves in 2017. Post-death they may be, but this is a record full of modern life, in all its intriguing shades of grey.

Oceans is out May 20th via Rundgång Rekords. Click HERE for more information on JUNODEF, live dates below.


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