[PREMIERE] Night Drifting – Wilds Of Your Love

Based out of Claremont in California, Night Drifting is the solo project of Amit Pandey, from the punk band Max Kala. Liberated from the confines of a traditional band structure, Night Drifting is a diverse and often experimental project. This week Night Drifting has shared their latest offering, Wilds Of Your Love.

ND Press Pic
Photo by Ad Santell

Like much of the music of Night Drifting, Wilds Of Your Love is a song inspired by longing, an exploration of our tendency for nostalgia, and how our ideas, and requirements for love change as our relationships progress. Wilds Of Your Love, is a thing of slow burning beauty; a gentle dulcimer takes the lead, as pulses of bass provide gentle propulsion, and Amit’s voice entwines with guest vocalist Melissa Moultrie. Although Night Drifting have no formal plans to release an album, Amit has hinted he would like to compile his music into a longer release, much like the gently unfurling beauty of Wilds Of Your Love, Night Drifting seemingly has no desire to rush anything.

Wilds Of Your Love is available now. Click HERE for more information on Night Drifting.

3 thoughts on “[PREMIERE] Night Drifting – Wilds Of Your Love

  1. This leaves me wanting more in the best way. Intimate but expansive, simple but nuanced — Pandey just keeps getting better as a songwriter and sonic explorer. Looking forward to future tracks.

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