[PREMIERE] Cecilia Ebba – Sweet Summer Wine

Cecilia Ebba is a London-based songwriter, originally from Northern Sweden. Cecilia began working on her debut album back in 2016, in her bedroom studio. In the classically DIY method, Cecilia wrote, produced and even designed the artwork for the record herself, which is coming out later this year on her own label, Quiet Rambler Recordings. While details on that record are yet to be revealed, this week marks the release of Cecilia’s debut single, Sweet Summer Wine, which we’re premiering here today.

Cecilia Ebba 1 landscape
Photos courtesy of Emmy Pammy

Sweet Summer Wine is a track of nostalgic reminiscing, Cecilia’s mind drifting back to the near endless evenings back in Northern Sweden, and Stockholm, where Cecilia lived for five-years before moving to London. Like many Scandinavian songwriters, Cecilia seems to juxtapose the bright and beautiful, with a gentle melancholy; it’s as if even when out sipping sweet summer wine with her friends, she’s hiding some sadness from the world around her.

Musically, Sweet Summer Wine is a stripped back affair, gently plucked guitars are accompanied latterly by booming, sporadic percussion, and a low steady rumble of bass as Ceclia’s vocals, swoop and soar above. Cecilia’s voice is a wonderful thing, with a warm, rich tone reminiscent of Juanita Stein and intriguing melodic inflections all her own. A stunning introduction to a songwriter of huge promise, Cecilia Ebba’s future looks to be every bit as bright as an endless Scandinavian evening.

Sweet Summer Wine is out June 2nd via Quiet Rambler Recordings. Click HERE for more information on Cecilia Ebba.

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