[PREMIERE] Deerful – Conceptual Art

One of the DIY-scene’s most unusual prospects, Emma Winston, aka Deerful, is set to release her debut album, Peach tomorrow on the ever reliable wiaiwya label. While some people, us included, have been waiting what feels like an age for this record, it’s actually only two years since Emma wrote her first ever song. Peach is a remarkable record; a veritable feast of lushly produced, electro-pop that goes from the wistful and romantic, to the political and actually quite angry. In Emma’s own words, Peach is “an album about affirming the ordinary and vital, about the everyday things that provide comfort to you in difficult times, and about finding your own way to push back against the expectations that constrain you. It’s about moments of contact between people, especially between women, and above all about celebrating the small moments that make up a life”. 

Ahead of Peach’s release tomorrow we’re delighted to share the latest taste of the record in the shape of new single, Conceptual Art.

Photo courtesy of Pamela Berry

Starting off with what is surely the sound of Mario picking up coins with some added reverb, Conceptual Art gradually picks up, as processed beats join Emma’s always impressive vocal. It dials down the sometimes anthemic, party atmosphere of other Deerful tracks, allowing the emotion of the voice to shine atop the minimal backing, as Emma sings of make out sessions in grave yards and the fizzing synapses of the first steps into a new relationship. Although as Emma explains below, it also isn’t about that at all.

Conceptual Art is one of the many stand out moments on Peach, a record of which we can really only say: buy it! Buy it now!

‘Conceptual Art’ is a love song, and it isn’t a love song; it’s a song about growing up and moving forward; it’s a song about women, and it’s a song about being a woman who creates; it’s a song about shifting identities, and life experiences which turn out to be far more formative than they seemed at the time. 

It was written the day I finished reading Chris Kraus’s surreal 1997 memoir-novel I Love Dick. Like I Love Dick, the events described in ‘Conceptual Art’ are true – the details are probably the least heavily edited of any of my songs – but the story it tells is a hyperreal version of itself, looking back at the past through a cracked lens. It’s the most straightforward love song I’ve ever written. And it also isn’t a straightforward love song. 

“What happens between women now is the most interesting thing in the world because it’s least described,” Kraus suggests, and while I don’t know if that’s still completely true twenty years later (or at least not of women who are white educated cisgender middle-class academics!), it stayed in my head throughout writing Peach. ‘Conceptual Art’ is an attempt to give a name to one of my own undescribed stories, to honour someone important to me, and, as Kraus puts it, to ’universalise the personal and make it the subject of our art’.

Peach is out tomorrow via wiaiwya – click HERE to purchase your copy. Click HERE for more information on Deerful.

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