[PREMIERE] Tunabunny – Blackwater Homes

The new album from Athens, Georgia quartet Tunabunny is nothing if not wildly ambitious. The band’s fifth album, and first since 2014’s Kingdom Technology, it is a 75-minute long double-vinyl response to The Beatles’ White Album, inspired by artists as diverse as John Cage, Fleetwood Mac, T-Rex and yes, Bananarama. Oh, and it’s called PCP Presents Alice In Wonderland Jr: if you’re not intrigued by any of that then it’s probably time to ask yourself some very serious questions. That record will be out June 23rd, and ahead of that we’re sharing the latest taste of it, in the form of the video to Blackwater Home.

Photos by Jennie Cain – https://vivawildvintage.com/

Discussing the track, Tunabunny suggest the following reference point, “If prime-era Flying Nun sold real estate, their agency (probably called Surreal Estate) would use this for a jingle”. It’s a decent reference point certainly, but there’s a darkness to Blackwater Homes that isn’t present in much of Flying Nun’s output. There’s something undeniably menacing about this latest version of Tunabunny. The track builds around guitars that are equal parts jangling and jarring, driving drum beats, twisted warbling keyboards and urgent, rumbling bass lines. Singer Mary Jane Hassell, becomes almost engulfed by the sound building around her, as her voice goes from wordless coos to yelping, anxious angst. The accompanying video seems to tap into the same sense of unspoken unease, the band wandering in a Blair Witch-like forest, with some definite cult-like atmosphere to the proceedings.

One of the great joys with Tunabunny is just how versatile and varied their sound is, each song taking you somewhere the band have never been before. Like the title of their record, they’re part surrealist children stories, part distorted political nightmare. On PCP Present Alice In Wonderland Jr, Tunabunny might just have written the perfect soundtrack to the often baffling world of 2017.

PCP Presents Alice In Wonderland Jr. is out June 23rd via Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records. Click HERE for more information on Tunabunny.

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