[PREMIERE] Fascinations Grand Chorus – Wait

Having burst onto the scene with not one, but two excellent EP’s last year, New York’s Fascinations Grand Chorus found themselves at the musical cross-roads. Currently working on their upcoming third EP, the band discovered that their new material was taking a slightly different direction. Before launching into that territory, the band decided to bridge the gap, with the release of a new single, Wait, which we’re here premiering today.

Photography courtesy of Kelli Mcguire – http://www.kellimcguire.com/

Built around pulsing bass lines, the energetic bound of a snare drums and wisps of gorgeous organ, Wait is a track with more strut than a field of peacocks. Stephanie’s vocal is a stunner, channeling the spirit of Carole King and Zooey Deschanel in equal measure. Fascinations Grand Chorus’ sound is classic pop, yet as with bands like Whyte Horses and Summer Camp, they do enough with the template to make them far more than a retro throwback.

Wait is a giant leap forward for Fascinations Grand Chorus, and wherever they’re headed next on their musical journey it’s going to be well worth following them.

Wait is out now. Click HERE for more information on Fascinations Grand Chorus.

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