[PREMIERE] Kaufman – Takeaway

Will Collins is a songwriter who works under the musical moniker of Kaufman. While Will hails from North West London, it was in the North East Highlands that his debut single Takeaway, which we’re premiering today, came together. Recording at Clashnarrow studio, Will recorded Takeaway with the input of multi-instrumentalist Carwyn Ellis, from Colorama, and drummer Jake Hutton.

Photo by Adam F Dillon

There’s a touch of the eccentric pop of British Sea Power to Kaufman’s sound; it’s one of jaunty guitar jangling, impassioned yelped vocals and drums that bristle with enigmatic energy. There’s even a bonkers electronic solo that sounds suspiciously like a stylophone, thrown into the mix for reasons of pure unadulterated joy. Plus like ninety percent of the best pop songs, it sticks around for barely two minutes, before metaphorically collecting its coat and heading off on its merry way.

Discussing the inspiration behind the track, Will has suggested it is a reflection on his home city of London, only from the distance created by recording in Scotland, and equally it’s also about getting really annoyed at a landlord. ‘Takeaway is a song written in a recurring rage against my rotten landlord. 18 months in, me needing to find a way out of there is the main inspiration behind the track’

It’s incredibly early days for Kaufman, just Google his music to see how little exists outside of this single, but with Will heading back to the highlands for further recording sessions this is a musician well worth keeping an eye on.

Takeaway is out now. Click HERE for more information on Kaufman.

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