Indietracks 2017 – The Playlist

We’re just two days away from this year’s Indietracks, so we’ve put together a handy audio-visual playlist of all the acts we’re hoping to catch. Although we do have to admit that is probably going to be impossible because of the sheer numbers of brilliant bands performing this year, plus the lure of the beer shed/merch tent.

For those currently without a ticket, good news: they’re still available, so why not give the below a listen. Then book your ticket, arrange your camping and we’ll see you there, having as much fun as it’s possible to have in a steam train museum, and it turns out that’s an awful lot of fun!

1. Kid Canaverel – First We Take Dumbarton
2. Chorusgirl – Oh, To Be A Defector
3. Martha – Ice Cream and Sun Screen
4. Pillow Queens – Rats
5. The Pooches – The Light
6. Crumbs – Weasels Can Wait
7. TeenCanteen – How We Met (Cherry Pie)
8. Peaness – Seafoam Islands
9. Milky Wimpshake – Without You
10. Shopping – Why Wait?
11. The Hayman Kupa Band – A Tent Of Blankets
12. Frankie Cosmos – Is It Possible / Sleep Song
13. Schande – It’s Recently Come To My Attention
14. Joanna Gruesome – Pretty Fucking Sick Of It All
15. The Wedding Present – My Favourite Dress
16. Model Village – Time To Share
17. Charmpit – Free The Burbs
18. Suggested Friends – I Can’t Roll My Eyes Back (That Far)
19. Cowtown – Emojicore
20. Personal Best – This Time Next Year
21. Enderby’s Room – My Old Friend
22. The Just Joans – If You Don’t Pull
23.Monkey Swallows The Universe – Science
24. The Wave Pictures – The Running Man
25. The Tuts – Wannabe
26. Cate Le Bon – Wonderful

Header photo is Charmpit by Nina Pennick –

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