Five Things We Liked Last Week – 07/08/2017

Further Listening: Hand HabitsFlesh WorldDactylion, Nadia Reed, Wild OnesWeaves, Siv Jakobsen, Lazy Legs, Church Girls, Micah P. Hinson, Out LinesMarvin PowellFaith HealerEveryone Is Dirty, Alex Cameron ft Angel OlsenPeaness, Hannah Park, Partner, Bully, Real Numbers, Husky Loops, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Lowtide, Chris Staples, Misty CoastAnnie HartL.A. Witch, Madeleine Kelson, Briana MarelaMonster Treasure, The Duke Spirit and the completely new to us singlegirl,marriedgirl.

5. Siobhan Wilson Goes To The Dark Side

It’s already been a fantastic year for Glaswegian multi-instrumentalist Siobhan Wilson. As well as releasing There Are No Saints, one of the year’s finest albums, and appearing live in a session on 6Music, the Elgin-raised songwriter also cleaned up at the recent Green Man Rising competition earning herself a slot at the festival. Celebrating that triumph, Siobhan has announced a slue of new tour dates for September, as well as sharing a video to one of her debut album’s stand-out moments, Dark Matter.

Set to a stripped backing of electric guitar and minimal percussion, Dark Matter is a contemplative musing on the trials and tribulations of everyday living, as she contrasts life’s huge and minor mysteries noting: “nobody really know what dark is made of, or what goes on behind your eyes”. Discussing the inspiration behind the track, Siobhan suggests it is, “about all of the things you can never understand about life, time, space and people”. You shouldn’t need us, or for that matter Green Man Festival, to tell you that Siobhan Wilson is a talent undeniably on the rise.

There Are No Saints is out now via Song, By Toad. Click HERE for more information and tour dates from Siobhan Wilson.

4. Speed Skater Pack A Punch

Hailing from Bristol, Speed Skater are a somewhat illusive collection of Bristol based musicians. The band are fronted by Bert, who wrote Separate Bedrooms (covered by Joanna Gruesome on Peanut Butter), and also feature Trust Fund bass-player Libby and Grubbs drummer Jake, as well as “some other pals”.

Last week, Speed Skater shared the first taste of their music endeavours, in the shape of new single, Punching Bag. The track builds around the juxtaposition of the driving rhythm section and the choppy thrashing of the lead guitar. Bert’s double-tracked vocals have a touch of The Spinto Band’s Nick Krill, as he sings for better or worse, of clinging onto a damaged relationship, noting, “my bones may break, my bones may die, my body aches but I’ll survive”. Punching Bag is the first track to be lifted from their EP, which was produced by Rosie Smith, aka Oh Peas!, and is being released as a download accompanied by a rather fetching t-shirt. Early but intriguing days for the latest productive of the fertile Bristol DIY Scene.

Olympic Gold is out August 18th. Click HERE for more information on Speed Skater.

3. CHUCK Out These New Tracks

There’s always a strange mixture of emotions when an artist you adore announces their new album will be their last; sadly that’s exactly what Brooklyn’s CHUCK has done. Thankfully if the two tracks he’s shared so far are anything to go by, Frankenstein Songs for the Grocery Store, out later this month on Audio Antihero, could well end up being the visionary bedroom-popsters finest album to date.

People seem desperate to tell us how polarising CHUCK is, but we just can’t see what’s not to like about his take his take on classic pop. The first of the new tracks, Cherry Tree is a classic lo-fi affair, layers of effected vocals accompanied by a jarring electric guitar line reminiscent of Forth Wanderers or Trust Fund. Even better is New Yorker, it’s the middle ground of Jonathan Richman and Jeffrey Lewis, as over a strutting beat, twitchy electronics and genuinely quite gorgeous horn arrangements, CHUCK sings of establishing himself in his new hometown, “I made a whole bunch of New York friends ’cause everyone else did, and now I’m a New Yorker”. Get the happy-sad tears ready, CHUCK is saying goodbye in the most incredible way imaginable, and as he puts it, ‘it’s been a great run”.

Frankenstein Songs for the Grocery Store is out August 18th via Audio Antihero Records. Click HERE for more information on CHUCK.

2. The illuminati Are hotter Than Ever

illuminati hotties front-woman, Sarah Tudzin, describes herself as, “an LA native, record producer, and burrito enthusiast”, and at this moment that’s basically all we know about the band. Last week though they released a video for their debut single, (You’re Better) Than Ever, and it’s more than enough information for us to be impressed.

With nods to the likes of Frankie Cosmos and The Total Bettys, (You’re Better) Than Ever is a thrilling blast of pop melody and lo-fi spirit. Lyrically it seems to muse on drawing comparisons with a person who’s no longer in your life as Sarah sings, “all the baddest words I know came pouring out when I heard that you feel better, better than ever”. The track is accompanied by an excellent one-shot video, that Sarah hopes you enjoy, but don’t think too much about how sweaty everyone involved was – which now you inevitably will.

(You’re Better) Than Ever is available now as a free download via Bandcamp. Click HERE for more information on illuminati hotties.

1. This Low Life Is All In Vain

Danish-trio, Baby In Vain are set to release their debut album More Nothing later this month on Partisan Records, and last week shared the latest taste of it, Low Life. The track was initially written three years earlier, and recorded as a, “trippy, hard rock kind of song”. It was only after three years of working on other material and experience, that the band came back to the track, and it emerges transformed, and unlike anything the band have done before.

While normally noted for their visceral musical assault, Low Life is a bassy, slowly unfurling beauty, incorporating twinkling synthesisers, muted drum sounds and even some wonderfully scuzzy saxophones. Bringing to mind the likes of Howling Bells, Timber Timbre and The Twilight Sad, it’s easily the most exciting thing Baby In Vain have done to date. Even if all their songs take three years to sound this good, it’ll be more than worth the wait.

More Nothing is out August 25th via Partisan Records. Click HERE for more information about Baby In Vain.

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