[PREMIERE] Kielo – Radiate

Based out of Minnesota, Kielo is the solo project of Laura Schultz, a songwriter who attempts to blend her twin influences of traditional folk and minimal electronica. Laura debuted her first track, In Water, earlier this year, and is set to step things up this Autumn with the release of her debut EP. Ahead of that release, today we’re sharing the video to a brand new track, Radiate.

Laura Photo 2
All photos by Graham Tolbert – http://www.grahamtolbertphoto.com/

Like the track it accompanies, the video to Radiate seems to be clasping for some unifying factor in the world. It’s a series of beautiful snapshots – a ladybird on a windowsill, a budding flower, a lake in Wisconsin, graffiti in Jyväskylä, Finland – it offers no reason to entwine these images, and in doing so asks the same questions the track does about connectedness, mindfulness and the idea that, “we are far grander than we’ve been told”.

Musically, Radiate is a sublime piece of minimal folk; staggering vocal harmonies, gently strummed acoustics and echoing, plucked notes on an electric guitar. The whole track is carried by Laura’s vocal, in the tight harmonies she nods to Coco Rosie, while the intonations and meandering, held-notes recall Emily Cross’ stunning delivery in Cross Record. It might be early days, but Kielo seems like an artist emerging fully formed and ready to make a huge impact.

Kielo will release a new EP in the Autumn. Click HERE for more information on Kielo.

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