[PREMIERE] Airiel – Your Lips, My Mouth

There are prolific artists, then there are those who take a little longer, and then there are Chicago shoegazers Airiel. The band who formed back in 1997, released their last new material, the Kid Games EP, back in 2012, and their last LP, The Battle Of Sealand a full decade ago. The good news for fans of the band is that the wait is almost over; Airiel are set to release their new album, Molten Young Lovers, next month, and today we’re premiering their new single, Your Lips, My Mouth.


Back in 2011, frontman Jeremy Wrenn memorably described Airiel’s music as, “it’s really loud, it’s pretty and you can dance to it”. Listening to Your Lips, My Mouth, not a great deal has changed. With the current upswing in the popularity of shoegaze, Airiel couldn’t have timed their comeback better, with their enveloping wall of guitar noise and crisp, brutal snare crushing, they’re a band you could easily file alongside the likes of Night Flowers or Slowdive. Your Lips, My Mouth is arguably Airiel at their most contemplative and reflective, there’s a wistfulness to the vocal that drifts atop the lush musical backdrop. A strong indicator that Molten Young Lovers is an album that will not only be a welcome return, but the first step into a thrilling next chapter for Airiel.

Molten Young Lovers is out October 13th via Shelflife Records. Click HERE for more information on Airiel.

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