[PREMIERE] Gallery 47 – In Odessa

It was at the back-end of last year that we featured South-London via Nottingham songwriter Jack Peachy, aka Gallery 47. That was shortly before the release of his debut album Clean, the first part of an ambitious album trilogy. Part two, Adversity Breeds, is out this Friday, and ahead of the release we’re sharing the video to Jack’s latest single, In Odessa.


Odessa is a city in the Ukraine, that suffered at the hands of the Nazis and the Soviet forces, but it’s the more recent events of 2014 that it would seem Jack is referring to. Clashes between pro-Ukranian and pro-Russian protestors resulted in 42 deaths, many killed were trade-unionists trapped in a building that was set on fire, and the exits blocked by opposing rioters.

Jack’s track touches on the ideas of propaganda, doubt and standing up for what you believe is right. Stepping away from the guitar picking that has often characterised his songwriting, In Odessa is a dark and brooding piece, led by flourishes of reverberating piano and Jack’s soft, haunting vibrato which has a touch of Lupen Crook or Tom McRae about it.

Discussing how Adversity Breeds, the album from which In Odessa is lifted, fits into his album trilogy, Jack has suggested, “if Clean was the romantic album, Adversity Breeds is the divorce”. The album is a reaction to a holiday row between Jack and members of his family, after they criticised the youth of today. Adversity Breeds is an album that says we must stand up for what we believe in, even if that means challenging those closest to us. A huge sonic and emotional leap forward, Gallery 47 has never sounded more relevant, relatable or important than he does right now.

Adversity Breeds is out September 22nd via AWAL/Bad Production Records. Click HERE for more information on Gallery 47.

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