Five Things We Liked This Week – 22/09/17

Further Listening: LukkaElvaCHUCK, Party Of The SunJeremy TuplinHusky Loops, Tree House, Wireheads, Ysgol SulMy PleasureTeen Ravine, Georgia JuneZachary Vito, PONY, Sweaty PalmsJennie VeeHigh Waisted, Field Music’s remix of Mary Epworth, We Are WarmSephine Llo, WinterJordan KlassenBoydGeoff GordonMichael NastThe Plan, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Handsome Girl, Three Kings HighHaunted Summer, Deathlist, WholewheatShannon Lay, My Sad Captains, Partial TracesGrapell, Goodnight HouseMolly Burch, Vilde, Steady Holiday, The She’s, Weaves, Torres, Marie ReiterENLIGHTMonster Treasure, Linn Koch-EmmeryAlex Lahey, Henry Jamison, Prom Queen and the stunning new piece from Kiran Leonard.

5. Suzie Shares The Truth About Rats

Suzie True are a, “sad girl three-piece pop band”, hailing from Los Angeles. While we’re pretty limited on their future plans, we do know they’re fronted by Bear Cats drummer Lexi McCoy and that’s enough of a reason to be pretty excited about them in our book.

This week the band have shared their debut single, Rat Kid, accompanied by a video shot by film-maker, and Lexi’s brother, Bobby McCoy. Lexi’s vocal, pitched somewhere between Camera Obscura’s Tracyanne Campbell and Diet Cig’s Alex Luciano, is accompanied by Dustyn Hiett’s propulsive drum beats, bright acoustic guitars and delightfully fuzzed out bass-lines. Early days, but if this slice of Californian indie-pop sunshine is anything to go by, Suzie True could just be our new favourite band.

Rat Kid is out now. Click HERE for more information on Suzie True.

4. Hey You! Listen to False Advertising

The 1990’s revival is so popular right now that it’s probably already over, but one act channeling the actually good bits of that damned decade are Manchester via Oxford DIY trio, False Advertising. The band are set to release a new EP, I Would Be So Much Happier If I Just Stopped Caring, next month, and have this week share their riotous new single, Hey You.

Hey You, described by the band as, “a rallying cry against gender stereotyping”, is built around ferocious, almost Pavement like guitar work, and pounding drums, but it’s singer Jen’s howling, visceral vocal that’s the star. There’s a touch of Shirley Manson, with the attitude and noise of early PJ Harvey, and as she repeats the tracks key line, “I am no figurine”, we’d dare anyone to suggest she’s anything but a rock star. Raucous, accessible and with plenty to say, False Advertising are more than worthy of their hype.

I Would Be So Much Happier If I Just Stopped Caring is out October 27th. Click HERE for more information on False Advertising.

3. Anamon Takes Comfort In Stubborness

Hailing from Rochester, a city on the Southern shore of Lake Ontario in New York state, Anamon are a three-piece led by frontwoman and songwriter Ana Emily Monaco. The band are set to put out their debut album, Stubborn Comfort, in November, and have this week shared the title track from it.

Stubborn Comfort is in some ways a song of two halves, the opening finds Ana alone in an almost folky setting with just a twanging guitar for company, but as the drums roll in and the pulsating bass takes flight you’re taken into a world of lo-fi country-rock. It’s a track that seems to touch on various familiar musical ideas, but fuses them into a sound that is unmistakably Anamon’s own. The story behind their upcoming debut album goes thaus: the band went into the studio at 7pm carrying an 8-track recorder and left at 5am with a mix of the album. Keep up this prolificy, and quality, and Anamon are going to win over an awful lot of people in no time at all.

Stubborn Comfort is out November 10th. Click HERE for more information on Anamon.

2. Lies, Damn Lies And Babies

Up and coming Dutch songwriter Pip Blom is proving to be an artist keen on not wasting any time. After bursting onto the scene last year, Pip quickly put out four stand-alone singles as well as the excellent debut EP, Are We There Yet? This week Pip has been at it again, putting out her latest, and intriguingly named, single Babies Are A Lie.

There’s something of the complex, lo-fi alt-pop of acts like Parquet Courts or Ulrika Spacek about the track, but infused but with enough pop nous to suggest Pip is more than just an underground interest. The effortlessly catchy chorus, even dares to repeat the line, “don’t you want to get it out of my head”, as if something that hook-laden was even possible to shift. With UK dates coming up in October, we should probably get used to Pip Blom never standing still.

Babies Are A Lie/School is out on vinyl October 16th via Nice Swan Records. Click HERE for more information on Pip Blom.

1. Haley Heynderickx Put The Oom In The Sha La La 

Haley Heynderickx is a songwriter from Portland, with a ridiculously difficult to spell surname. Discussing her songwriting Haley has suggested it is to her a form of therapy a way of better understanding her mixed Filipino and American roots and the dichotomy of her soft-spoken nature and her vocal prowess. Haley is set to release her debut album, I Need To Start A Garden, early next year and has this week shared the defacto title track, Oom Sha La La.

Building around the muted strum of an electric guitar, and a steady ticking drum beat, Oom Sha La La is a track that seems to never stay still, fluttering from dream-pop, into an almost 1960’s girl-group chorus, before coming off all odd-ball wonky pop and in places getting really, really loud. Hayley’s vocal seems to shift effortlessly through the gears as well, one minute a honeyed coo, the next a brisk Cate Le Bon stacatto or a gutteral, punk-tinged yell. As first singles from debut albums go, things really don’t get much more exciting than this.

I Need To Start A Garden is out early in 2018 via Mama Bird Recording Co. Click HERE for more information on Hayley Heynderickx.

Header photo by Vincent Bancheri-

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